Carver Surfskate: set up and maintenance

Improve the feeling of your surf skate and have fun like never before

You just bought your new surfskate, maybe a cool Carver with Cx or C7, but also one of any other brand, you took it out of the box, you got on it, you started pumping and ... it's not what you expected ? Too tiring? Not very responsive? Did you expect it to be softer? Doesn't it turn tight? Or maybe

Bushing Skateboard and Surfskate

The complete guide to choosing rubber pads to improve your feeling on the board

The Bushing of the Skateboard trucks, rubber pads for friends, are those two urethane rings that fit around the pivot of the skateboard trucks, between the hanger and the base and serve to steer the board with the right resistance that to cushion . Often considered only details and widely underest

Comparison of original Truck Carver Cx and its cop

How are the Cx going and how to improve them

Surfskates are skates whose main feature is to have a particular front truck that allows much tighter curves and above all to generate speed through pumping.  The front truck is therefore one of the most important elements to differentiate a surfskate from any other skateboard such as a cruise



Surfboard twin fin

Features, pros and cons of twin fin surfboards

Twin Fin surfboards are certainly nothing new, and lately they are experiencing a beautiful golden moment. A real object of desire for more and more surfers who include them in their quiver. More and more

5 Twin surfboards to be tested in 2022

The best twins to try for all tastes

If your idea of surfing is inspired by Rob Machado or the younger Mikey February then you must try a twin fin surfboard.Twin fin surf boards are becoming increasingly popular even in our seas. If you haven't

Come try Surfskate

May 14-15 Ciclodromo Ponte Buggianese - Pistoia

On Saturday, May 14 and Sunday, May 15, come try surfskate at the Italian qualifying stage for the Red Bull UCI Pump Track World Championships Bike360_The doctor's bike park in Ponte Buggianese!There will

Surfskate wheels

Everything you need to know about size, hardness and patterns

What are the best surfskate wheels for going to the park? Which wheels to slide? And which wheels should I mount to use my surfskate on bumpy roads? There are dozens and dozens of cruiser, surfskate and

Is surfskate useful for snowboarding?

Pros and cons of using the surfskate to train snowboarding

How to train to snowboard even when there is no snow? Is there a way to improve physical and above all technical form between one season and another? In recent years the surfskate phenomenon has literally

Teach snowboarding to children with the surfskate

Tips for beginners (children and adults) to learn, progress and train

As I have already had the opportunity to tell this winter we have extensively exploited the training with the surfskate aimed at snowboarding (as well as surfing). In recent years I confess that we went

Surfskate Yow Medina Camo 33.5 2022

Features and review of the surfskate designed by Gabriel Medina

Surfskate: Yow Medina Camo 33.5 2022 Deck: Length 33.5 Width: 10.5 Wheelbase: 17 Concave: High Rocker: Tail & Nose Rocker Set Up: Meraki Truck Wheels YOW URA 66x51mm 76A RAW White The Surfskate

CBC and Scott Burke softboards.

Guida ai modelli e consigli per scegliere la tavola da surf soft migliore per te

Soft, foam surfboards are the best surfboards for beginners of all ages who want to learn and progress quickly in surfing. In reality they are also much more than that because simply defining them as surfboards

Inflatable sup: buying guide

How to choose your inflatable paddle board

A Stand Up Paddle can be a way to enjoy the water, explore nature from a new perspective, keep fit and have endless fun alone, with friends and with the whole family. If it is true that Sup is an activity


Kitesurf, Surf, surf skate: blog and shop of tabularasa

Tabularasa was born in 2002 from a group of friends with a common passion for table sports. Tabularasa was born as a meeting place, as a way to feel closer to your passion even away from the water.


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