Torq Longboard

Features, construction and review of one of the best selling surfboards

When it comes to surfboards for everyone, of good quality and at the right price, Torq is probably one of the first names that comes to mind.Torq Surfboard is a company based in Cascais in Portugal, founded in 2012 by Sebastian Wenzel, former professional windsurfer, shaper for Fanatic and other Bra

5 Twin surfboards to be tested in 2022

The best twins to try for all tastes

If your idea of surfing is inspired by Rob Machado or the younger Mikey February then you must try a twin fin surfboard.Twin fin surf boards are becoming increasingly popular even in our seas. If you haven't already done so, I recommend that you read our article on twin fins.Many brands are offering



Haydenshapes Loot Soft Surfboard

Features, construction and review of the performance soft board

LOOT is the Haydenshapes board designed for those looking for a multipurpose board, suitable for all conditions. Perfect for small waves and less than perfect conditions, it also does well when the waves

Shibui surfboard

Carlo Grotti Trevisan presents the Shibui surfboards

Carlo Grotti Trevisan, Jack to his friends, 20 years of surfing behind him, between competitions, injuries and travels, today presents us with a British brand of surfboards not very well known in Italy.

Hydrofoil Sabfoil Kraken

The new modular connection system from Sabfoil

The new KRAKEN is a modular and interdisciplinary connection system for hydrofoils to connect masts, fuselages, plates and everything. Recently presented by Sabfoil as a real revolution in the hydrofoil

Harness Prolimit Assault 2023

Our review and features

The new Assault 2023 is Prolimit's low end freestyle / wave / freeride kitesurf harness.The Prolimit Assoult harness is an ergonomic harness with a pre-curved 3D contoured shape featuring our new ALPHA

3 Mythic Longboard surfboards

Walden Magic Model, Mc Tavish Nosa66, Takayama In The Pink

There are surfboards that are real icons. Legendary models to say the least that have written the history of surfing and have now become a point of reference for surfers. Of course there are many shapes


What is surfskate and why you should buy one and give it a try

Il surfskate è un tipo di skateboard, nato per simulare il surf sulla terraferma, molto usato anche dai non surfisti per divertirsi e allenare equilibrio, tecnica, rinforzare gambe, braccia e core. A

Surfskate Smoothstar Johanne Defay 32.5

No, it's not a girls does it ride and who is this Smoothstar suitable for

In our experience the Johanne Defay 32.5 Surfskate is perhaps the least understood of the various Smoothstar models. It's incredible to see how, with each new load, this is always the model that stays

Naish Matador LT VS F-one Swing

Comparing two 5m2 wing foils

In recent months I have had the opportunity to use two wingfoil sails for my outings: the wing Naish Matador LT 5mq and the wing F-one Swing 5mq and compare them.Most of the trips were done in flat to

Surfskate Yow Lowers 34 and La jolla 35

Here are the two new Yow 2023 models in comparison

Like every year, Yow presents us in this period the new surfskate models that we will see around from spring 2023. Let's take a closer look at the two new models that have most attracted our attention


Kitesurf, Surf, surf skate: blog and shop of tabularasa

Tabularasa was born in 2002 from a group of friends with a common passion for table sports. Tabularasa was born as a meeting place, as a way to feel closer to your passion even away from the water.


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