Our first impressions of skate slides

Slide Surfskate is probably the number one challenger for Carver, the top inventor of surfskate, the one we all think of when we talk about surfskate. But Carver is not for everyone, mainly because of the price, not exactly popular.  Slide Surfskate is aimed at those who do not feel like spending such a figure on a skate, but would still like one of these toys to have fun on flat days, train in surfing or simply spend some time outdoors with something new


How to choose your equipment to get started

Hydrofoil kitesurfing is an increasingly growing discipline, so after the post with our best tips for those who want to approach kitefoiling , we thought of putting together this guide with tips on choosing the most suitable equipment to start with kitefoiling. The main features to focus on when choosing a hydrofoil are: Mast height (MAST) Front wing size and AR Modularity Materials Edges of the wings Price Table characteristics Let's first see some definitions, in order to better understand what are the parts that make up a hydrofoil


Guide to choosing the best kitefoil for your needs

When it comes to buying a hydrofoil, the investment is certainly not negligible and there are many factors to evaluate. A more frequent question is what is the difference between aluminum foils and carbon foils, in addition to the price of course, which is clearly evident to anyone. In this post we will try to clarify the main differences between the two materials


Compare features and low cost alternatives

UPDATED FEBRUARY 2020 Surfskates are more and more popular and not only among surfers looking for a way to train even on flat days, but also among snowboarders, among skaters looking for something different and among those who had never approached to the SK8 before. And of course, given the growing success of surfskates, there are more and more brands that offer them, and consequently getting oriented in the purchase of the right surfskate is increasingly complicated because Surfskates of different brands have different characteristics and therefore offer different sensations and performances


The cheapest kitesurf foil on the market

GONG is a French brand that produces and sells products directly from kite, surf, sup, wing, hydrofoil, boards, accessories. It is not a new brand on the market since they have 30 years of experience in the production of boards. Born in a garage, he now has a factory that produces materials for our sports with an eye to the environment


Here's how our course went

In recent months we have had the opportunity to try wingsurfing more than once, and we have done it both as self-taught and by attending a wing surf course during our trip to Lanzarote in December, where our friend Alessandro from Lanzarotekite has now specialized in teaching of this new sport. We therefore decided to share our experience, together with everything we learned about wingsurfing, including some little secrets and advice to help the new wingsurfer to progress faster, choose the right equipment, and evaluate whether to attend a course or try alone to try the wing


10 wing surfing questions and answers

Would you like to try wing surfing but don't know where to start? Here are the 10 basic things to know if you want to get closer to wingsurfing. 1 - CAN WINGSURF PRACTICE ANYONE? Yes, absolutely. Wingsurfing is not particularly difficult or particularly tiring. It is not a sport that requires a lot of physical strength, nor do you have to be in perfect shape to practice it


How's going the new surfskate Yago Dora

Skate: Carver Yago Skinny Goat 2019 Size:  30.75 Truck: CX Wheels: 70mm 78a Roundhouse Skate carver Yago Dora Skinny Goat The Yago Dora Skinny Goat is the new Carver model developed in collaboration with the Brazilian pro surfer Yago Dora. Actually Carver had already made a model together with Yago some time ago, the Yago Dora 2018 precisely


Naish waveriding kite

The Slash is the sail dedicated to the pure wave of Naish kiteboarding, and in particular to the wave strapless, therefore a sail that we were really very curious to try considering our passion for the waves ... and for our test we were more than lucky because we found really bad days thanks to a nice southwind perturbation with wind between 18/24, to end with a day on 30 knots and waves from medium to even above the head



Articles about Kitesurfing, surfing and snowboarding

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