What to do in case of damage to the equipment by the airline

Premise: each airline has different regulations, regulations and compensation limits, so the methods for obtaining compensation can also vary considerably. In this guide I talk about how to get compensation for damage to your sports equipment embarked with Ryanair. For different airlines I always recommend that you consult the conditions of the airline you are interested in.

Transporting your own surfboard or kitesurfing equipment by plane is often complicated and expensive, if it is damaged then it is a nightmare!
Traveling by plane with kitesurfing equipment and in particular with twin tip boards, the risk of inconveniences is actually quite low, because twin tip boards are solid and hardly dented for a tap. On the other hand, when we travel with kitesurf surfins, or worse, with surfboards. 

Surfboards are by nature extremely delicate and the people in charge of loading and unloading our beloved equipment do not always shine with delicacy. Add to this that we often save on packaging to stay within the weight limits set by the airline, and this explains why all too often our boards arrive damaged.

I don't know if you've ever received your damaged sports equipment... to me unfortunately lately it has happened several times, often also with ryanair, so by now I have a certain familiarity (unfortunately) with the question. Of course it is not that ryan air is more clumsy than other companies, also because the ground staff is in common between the different carriers, I have simply flown more often with them lately, so it is obvious that the accidents to my sports equipment have happened to me. more often flying with ryanair. Indeed I must say to their advantage that all in all I have never had problems in obtaining my compensation, and indeed for my part I have no complaints about ryanair. Here then, based on my last experiences, a brief guide on how to behave in these cases to get the right compensation.

The first point is obviously to pay attention when packing your sports equipment, but this topic deserves to be explored separately. 

Once you arrive at the airport, your sports equipment will be delivered to the oversized baggage counter and from there you will be forced to say goodbye until the time of collection after landing. 

Once you arrive at your destination, after having recovered your sports equipment, the first thing you would like to do is dash out of doors to reach the much desired destination ... but you have to wait another 1 minute.
Not being in a hurry right now can make a difference.

1) what to do, BEFORE leaving the baggage reclaim area and then from the arrivals area.

The first thing to do, as long as you are still in the airport, is to check how your equipment arrived. I know it's not comfortable, because everything is packaged to perfection and often this means risking not being able to put everything back in the right place, but unfortunately there are no alternatives.

First of all check externally that the bag is intact. Check that there are no seams, tear on the handles, abrasions of various kinds and that the padlock is intact. If there are any, I tell you right away that unfortunately it is not always easy to get compensation for damage to the suitcase, but that can be an alarm bell for any damage to the contents. 
The second step is to open the sports equipment bag and check the contents well . Carefully check that your tables are intact, that there are no beatings, dents, etc. In particular, check the most fragile parts and take them as hard as the tip.If unfortunately you find your dented table, head to the LOST and FOUND desk immediately to file a complaint.
At the lost and found desk the airport staff will draw up the report. They will ask you to show them the damage and they will describe it minutely. Make sure that the complaint is filled in correctly and in detail, because it is on the basis of this that you will receive your compensation. At the end of the complaint you will be assigned a PIR (Baggage Irregularity Report) number of 10 characters. This reference is usually found at the top of the report (eg STNFR12345).
Only once you have your PIR in hand can you leave the airport.


2) what to do once you get home.

After your arrival at home, or at the destination of your holiday, you will have a few days to file a complaint with the airline, attaching all the required documents.

In the case of Ryanair, for claims of damage to baggage, you have 7 days to file a claim. Of course different airlines may have different timeframes, so you need to be well informed. 

What documents do I need to present the claim?
In addition to the PIR and the travel documents , you will need the receipt or invoice for the purchase of the table (or damaged equipment) and probably photos of the damage, so please: first take the photos and then have the table repaired! If you are unable to immediately provide the purchase invoice, do not despair, you can also complete your complaint later.
Generally this is sufficient in the first instance.
Within 15 days Ryanair replies with a letter acknowledging the damage and at this point he will ask you to integrate the complaint with the invoices of the repair of the table or of the equipment in general and all the missing documentation that you may not have sent before. Only if the table is declared irreparable or repair is uneconomical, vi verrà offerta una somma per risarcire il valore della tavola (che ovviamente terrà conto del fatto che è usata). Attenzione perchè non potete esser voi a dichiarare la tavola irreparabile ma la dichiarazione deve esser rilasciata dal produttore o da un rivenditore ufficiale. Affinchè la tavola da surf possa venire dichiarata irreparabile, i danni devono essere davvero notevoli e in genere vi saranno richieste delle foto a prova della dichiarazione. Più facile è che il negoziante dichiari la riparazione antieconomica. Vi ricordo a questo proposito che farà fede quanto dichiarato dal personale dell'aereoporto nella vostra denuncia... quindi se dichiarate che la tavola non è riparabile, il danno doveva essere ben visibile. Normalmente le ammaccature alla punta ed eventualmente qualche bozza in qua e là non rientrano in questa categoria. 

Attached all the invoices of the case and the photos that document the incident, generally within a few days an email arrives with the declaration of the company on the entity of the compensation that is recognized to you (I have ALWAYS been recognized the full amount of the repair invoices). And in a few days you will receive the transfer directly to the current account that you have indicated.

Here is the link to the Ryanair page where to file the complaint:

NOTE: in my experience I have found that those luggage packing services with extra insurance that are found in every airport are completely useless .

It happened to me during one of the last flights, returning from Fuerteventura, that at the check-in desk they didn't accept my boards as I had packed them. In fact I had put them in two separate bags, instead of a single one .. and I know it is not done !. I had done so because my big bag was broken and I hadn't had time to buy another before leaving. At the counter, however, they claimed that the two bags tied together could separate and if they had been one would have remained without labels and could have lost it. For this they gave me 2 alternatives: pay for another sports equipment or have them packed together with cellophane. The second one was less expensive and so I opted for this solution. They packed my suitcase with a ton of plastic, and they gave us a nice sticker. Not even on purpose, on arrival in Pisa the luggage seemed to pass under a truck. Once the package was opened I could see that everything inside was broken, or dented, so I immediately went to the Lost and Found for the customary complaint. Chatting I asked them if it was more convenient to make the request to the insurance that had packed my luggage or to the airline and they without hesitation advised me to contact the air carrier. The reason is that these companies that pack baggage have foreign numbers, for a fee and procedures for requesting damage to say the least muddled. Moreover they have anything but advantageous conditions with ridiculous limits ...


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