Lovesup The Game 10.8

Our holiday with the inflatable SUP

A holiday in Corsica, between sea and mountains, was an opportunity to enjoy our new toy: the Lovesup The Game 10.8 inflatable sup . Before leaving, seeing the wind and wave forecasts, we thought that perhaps a SUP could be useful ... and luckily!

What we needed was something big and stable enough to carry our son on it too , but of course we also wanted it to be quite handy and not too bulky. The choice fell on the Lovesup The Game 10.8 an allround with a volume of just under 300 liters.

The bag looks good and above all does not take up too much space in the trunk and does not weigh too much on the shoulders. 

The idea was to spend a few days in the mountains, trekking, climbing and discovering some mountain rivers and lakes and then go down to the sea to do some surfing and kitesurfing, conditions permitting. Considering the stifling heat and the absence of incoming disturbances, a trip to the mountains seemed very attractive to us!

The first time we inflated our new inflatable Sup it was in a beautiful mountain lake.


Inflation is fast. We honestly thought worse!

A couple of minutes and without even too much effort is enough to inflate the SUP to the recommended pressure of 15 PSI. Of course it takes a bit of energy, a child can't do it so to speak, but an adult even not in shape yes and in any case you can take it as a little warm-up before going in the water!

The Lovesup The Game 10.8 has 3 fins . Two are small built-in stabilizer fins. The third is removable and adjustable. No tools are needed. You can choose the position (further forward or further back) depending on whether you are looking for more maneuverability or stability and you can also use the Sup without a central fin if you have to venture on fresh water with little depth.

We first tried it for ourselves. A stroll around the lake in turn, Sergio and I, to become familiar with the new paddle.

We were both immediately pleasantly surprised by the smoothness of this board. Under the feet the feeling is not so different from that given by a rigid sup. What's more, it is very comfortable, also thanks to the pad over the entire surface. 

The dimensions make it an extremely stable board: 10.8 x 33 x 5.5 for a volume of 295 liters are measures that allow anyone to get on and have fun immediately , even if inexperienced.

After a first reconnaissance ride we immediately made Lorenzo go up and we ventured in turns to explore the lake. He was enthusiastic and extremely calm, so we got carried away and decided to try his lift by climbing all three!

We weren't quite sure that it would continue to float with about 155kg of weight above, in total, but it did very well and so we finally ventured to explore the whole lake and the navigable stretch of river that enters it.


In the following days we also got to enjoy it by the sea.

At the seaside we used our Lovesup The Game 10.8 in various conditions. From the completely glassy water in the morning to the chop with a little wind in the early afternoon, to small waves. The board always remains extremely stable and pleasant even when a little wind starts to blow. Approximately up to 10 knots the wind is barely perceived and also the chop is not at all annoying. Over 15 knots better to put aside the sup, whether rigid or inflatable, and run to inflate the kite !!!

As far as I am concerned, salt water is always my favorite and when the colors are those of the Corsican sea, as well as of Sardinia or many other beaches in our Mediterranean, sliding on it with a sup is something that always leaves me breathless. I love to sit on the table that slips silently, as if suspended on this expanse of crystalline water, enjoy the sight of the fish just below the surface of the water and more than anything else I love to stop suddenly and dive in to cool down. 

But of course, after a bit of placid relaxation sailing among uncrowded coves and beaches, could we not look for some undina to surf?

Of course we couldn't hold back! 

Despite MSW's very respectable predictions, the swell did not arrive and therefore the surfboards remained ashore. However, we took the opportunity to try sup on undines that are too small to be surfed with a surfboard.

How does an inflatable sup behave on the waves?

Actually, this time too I have to say better than expected. Of course, handling is not his strong point and if your name is not Airton you probably won't be able to do an off the lip . With an inflatable sup like this Lovesup The Game 10.8 what you can do well is to catch the wave and get on the wall .... sorry if it's not enough! The board remains very stable and rigid. It does not flex and quickly picks up speed. In practice, with 20cm of summer ondina you can already have fun.

Of course, if you really want to surf the waves you need to pay attention to smaller and more manageable models, but if you are looking for a good all-rounder who takes you everywhere, perhaps in company, a board like this is probably the most suitable choice!

The Sup was the real star of this holiday, it allowed us to explore bodies of water, train and above all have fun all together. From this point of view, an inflatable is in our opinion the best choice because it offers even more possibilities for fun being easy to use and transport but above all we realized how perfect it is to bring the little ones closer, in safety, to the sea and perhaps to surfing. .. 

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