Surfskate Miller Kirra 31.5

our test of Miller's best-selling surf skate

Miller Surf Skate or Miller Division Surfskates is a Spanish company that has been producing skateboards for many years and with the advent of surf skates they were among the first, in 2016, to launch themselves into this market and develop their skateboards for surfing the asphalt. , following in Carver's footsteps. Miller Division designs its skates in Cantabria, a stone's throw from Somo and some of the best European waves. Miller surf skates immediately stood out for their very attractive design and excellent value for money. The Miller Division surfskates are supplied with the IXRKP Surf Truck a system quite similar to Carver's CX, albeit with some peculiarities.

So let's see in detail one of Miller Surfskate's best-selling surfskates: the Kirra 31.5. A surfskate whose name recalls the mythical wave of the Gold Coast, in Queensland, Australia. A long, fast and tubing right ... but will it really be up to it? Today we decided to see how it fares on the road also in comparison with Carver.

Kirra 31.5 specifications

Length: 31.5 "
Width: 10"
Wheelbase: 17.7 "/ 16.9"

Deck: 7-ply 100% Canadian Maple
Concave: Lightweight with rocker on the tail only

Trucks: Miller XRKP2 special system 356 from 160 mm (6.5 ″)

Bearings: Abec 9 
Wheels: Creek 70mm from 80a


Kirra 31.5 characteristics and operation

The Kirra, like other Miller surfskates, arrives neatly packaged. It has a small paper band explaining its characteristics and other labels. 
Each skate comes with spare bushings for the trucks, softer than those supplied and later we will see why.

The Deck is made with the classic 7 layers of maple. We are pleased to note that the wood used comes from FSC certified forests. The Grip gives the impression of being of good quality. On the graphics I leave the judgment to you. We like ...

Beyond this, what there is to say about the deck is that to see and touch it with your hand it is impressive . While not particularly long, the deck is very wide and almost straight from tip to tail. In some ways it reminded us of some smoothstar decks, like the holy toledo for example. 

The Truck is a Cx-like system that Miller calls XRKP2 which stands for Xtreme Reverse King Pin. 
At first glance it is almost identical to the truck mounted on the Long Island surfskate. In particular, just like the LI truck, it has a baseplat with 4 holes that allow you to move each of the two trucks (front and rear) by 1 cm for a total of 2 cm of wheelbase difference . So it is possible to tighten the wheelbase by almost an inch (from 17.7 to 16.9) and I know it seems like a trifle but I assure you that the difference can be felt!

And finally we come to the management.

As always, let's start with trying the kirra with the factory setting , as it arrives.

As soon as you get on the Kirra the feeling is of a very easy, reassuring, stable surfskate ... The feeling is not very soft but nice fluid.
The width is felt. The deck underfoot offers great support and allows you to push hard. 
The pumping is fluid and it is easy to bend and turn and above all it returns a nice thrust that accelerates progressively. But above all, the feeling is of a stable and reassuring surf skate. We also took advantage of using it with the wing wing and it remains super controllable at speed.
Of course for us who are light in this configuration it is far too stable ... especially if you use it after using a yow.

After using it a bit as it is we begin to do some tests ... we loosen the truck, we put some weight on  the bushing . As always, this simple operation changes the skate making it softer and more fluid. If you don't know what we're talking about, I suggest you take a look at this guide on how to improve your surfskate

At this point, however, we are curious to do other tests and so we  replace the Bushing.

The yellow bushing fitted by default on the Miller trucks are 85A and in reality, unless you are looking for a really very soft feeling, they are also suitable for fairly light people. However, we also have the others available and so we replace them with the extra soft orange ones which are 78A and therefore sooo soft.

The surfskate is thus much lighter under the feet and softer. Pumping is less tiring and the skate tilts more ... they are nice soft rubber pads, suitable for those who are light, otherwise the risk of wheelbite is very likely. The oranges are suitable for those who weigh no more than 65 / 70kg or for those who are already experienced enough looking for a super soft feeling.

While we're at it, we also try to shorten the pace . With soft rubber pads and tight wheelbase the Kirra becomes a much more agile and responsive skate, quite different from before.

If with a long wheelbase and yellow rubbers it was more stable and suitable for slightly wider carving and to travel long distances, now with a slightly shorter wheelbase and soft rubbers it is more fun to try cut backs and train in small spaces.


The wheels deserve a special mention because we liked them a lot. These are the Creek 70mm with 80a stone finish. They are quiet, soft, very pleasant and with a good grip. On uneven surfaces they absorb vibrations and have an excellent seal at speed.  


Conclusions and advice

We've never gotten to try a Miller before. Honestly, we had some prejudices with respect to these surfskates because we considered them to be the first prices of fairly approximate quality. 

In reality we have had to change our minds extensively. The Miller surfskates look good and the feeling is very pleasant. Great fun both in flat and on ramps and parks. The beauty of the CX type trucks is that they are extremely easy to customize in the feeling ... one turn of the key to tighten or loosen and you have a different skate under your feet. And this in addition has the possibility to customize the skate both in the wheelbase and in the bushing. 

Recommended for anyone looking for an easy, quality surfskate that does not hinder progression but allows you to really do everything, from warm up for surfing to specific training in flat to maneuvers in park, pump track and wherever it takes you. your progression. 


Miller vs Carver vs Triton

The Miller truck as we have already said looks quite similar to Carver's CX, albeit with some small differences.

Looking at them closely, the first thing that catches the eye is that the Miller has double holes on the plate, the ones that allow you to move it back and forth. Of course it is not so convenient to remove the bindings every time to vary the wheelbase according to the day, but it can be convenient to customize the feeling according to your tastes and also to adapt it to your progress.

As for the rotation, the Cx truck (of triton and carver) has a rotation angle greater than a few degrees. This is not a huge difference ... we are about 5 degrees.

The less twist is compensated by Miller with softer bushing. Carver and Trinton's bushing standards are 89A, Miller yellow 85A.

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