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Surfskates are increasingly common and not only among surfers looking for a way to train even on flat days. Given the growing success of surfskates there are more and more brands that offer them, and consequently finding the right surfskate is always more complicated.
Surfskate of different brands have different characteristics and therefore offer different sensations and performances.

But what exactly is a surfskate?

The surfskate is a skateboard with a particular truck designed to achieve a dynamic boost (pumping) in a way very similar to what you do in the surf when trying to get speed.

The truck is therefore the fulcrum of the surfskate, allowing curves with very narrow angles, rotations, carvings, etc. Each brand interprets the truck and consequently the resulting movement in a personal way ... then it will be up to you to choose the one that with its movement gives you better sensations or due to the similarity with surfing or handling.

Here then is our little guide to the top models of the market, the 2019 novelties and the most bought and appreciated classics, without forgetting some economic alternative for those who want to try but not too busy.

1. CARVER Surfskate

Carver is undoubtedly one of the leading companies in the surfskate sector, as well as having been the first to design a truck of this type back in 1995. For this reason we could only start by talking about them. Today Carver offers two truck surfskates: the CX and the C7. 

Carver C7

The Carver C7 truck is the surfskate truck par excellence, the one from which it all started. The version on sale today is naturally improved and made even more powerful. It is a two-axle truck that not only increases the turning radius but also allows increasing speed with pumping. His movement is now considered one of the most surf style and this is one of the most used surf training truck.

Surfskate Carver for Channel Islands CI New Flyer C7 29.25" 

Of course there are so many tables that mount this truck. We have chosen one of the symbol models, developed with All Merrick on the basis of the famous Channel Island New Flyer model (in turn revisiting the Flyer). The result is a skate with a wider tail to offer more support to the back foot, remaining overall thin and snappy. Combined with the C7 truck this surfskate is ideal for those looking for a smooth and smooth carving. 
Measurements: 29.25 "x 9.75"


Carver CX 

The Carver CX Truck is defined by Carver as a hybrid truck. Ultimately it is a more versatile truck that allows you to pump like the C7 but it is also light and precise like a traditional truck, which makes it more suitable for those who have a more agile style or come from a "traditional" skate besides offer the opportunity to have fun in the skate park with aerial tabletop maneuvers. 

Surfskate Carver Proteus CX

Also in the case of the Cx truck there are many assembled skates to choose from. One of the most recent and appreciated models is the proteus. The peculiarity is that Carver has developed both a surfboard and a skateboard with the same characteristics to make the transition between asphalt and water less clear. Both tables have the characteristic square shape. The CX truck makes this skate extremely fast and snappy.
Measurements: 30 "x 9 7/8"

Surfskate Triton Red Diamond CX 29"

Triton is actually always a Carver home but more "low cost". This skate mounts Carver's CX truck and is therefore an excellent choice to save money without giving up the features of a truck carver.

2. Miller Surfskate KIRRA 31,5"

Miller is a Spanish company that offers surfskates with a truck that is very, VERY, similar to the Carver CX (the XRKP truck). 
We have chosen the KIRRA model, one of the most appreciated also because of its Californian graphics. This is a very fast and dynamic skate, made for pumping.
Measurements: 31.5 "x 10"
Table: 7-layer Canadian maple
Front Truck: XRKP 
Wheels: 70mm creek with Abec 9


3. Surf  skate Smoothstar Johanne Defay 32.5

The Smoothstar surfskates come from Australia where they are very well known and used in surf schools, as well as by pro riders for surfing training. These are specific surfskates for surfing training that allow you to perform basic surfing maneuvers even at low speeds and even on level ground. Our choice is a model developed in close contact with the pro surfer Johanne Defay and is characterized by a comfortable stance, a beautiful wide tail that offers a secure support and a virtually zero rear kick. 
Well-assembled and with excellent quality components, the smoothstar surfskates stand out for their strength and solidity, so much so that they are also suitable for training in aerial maneuvers.
Johanne's board is suitable for groms over 155 centimeters and adults under 181 centimeters.


4. Surfskate Yow Pipe 32"

YOW stands for Your Own Wave and the name already says a lot about these surfskates. The Yow skateboarding truck is V3 and is available in 2 versions: S4 or S5. The difference lies in the spring that they mount inside: S4 is good for light riders up to 50kg, S5 for riders over 50kg. The Yow skates are available with different stances to choose according to your preferences: skate more reactive and suitable for aerials (narrow step) or more suitable for wide and fluid carves (wide step). A special feature of the Yow truck is that it can be locked simply by turning a screw. With the movement of the blocked truck the Yow skates are transformed into normal cruisers. 

The surfskate we chose is the 32 "YOW Pipe: a surfskate of the power surfing series inspired by some of the best waves on the planet. The Pipe 32" is a snappy skateboard, suitable for emulating powerful surf and aerial. 
Measurements: 32 ″ x 10 ″ x 18.5 ″ WB
Truck: Yow S5

5.  SwellTech Surfskate 

Often called simply Surfskate, this skate mounts the V-truck different from the others as it can rotate a full 360 ° making the skate really very mobile. In addition to rotating on the horizontal plane, the truck swings allowing you to create additional movement. This is a skate made to slid, rotate and turn around. It is certainly not a skate suitable for the cruiser and indeed at the beginning it is not even simple the approach that forces to shift a lot of weight on the rear leg rather than on the front foot. 
What is certain is that if your level is not really basic and you have a good feeling, with this toy you can certainly indulge in many maneuvers.



Would you like to try a surfskate but you're not going to spend all this money? There are economic alternatives. The important thing is not to expect to have in your hands a professional skate like Carver & Co spending just over € 50. Better to let it go? It depends. If your budget is not high and you can't find a decent used one and you want to try to get close to the surfskate starting to enjoy yourself from time to time, even the cheap alternatives that we offer you soon may be okay ... at least to start. Then you will evaluate yourself.

Surfskate Sport Plus EZY

Many call it the Chinese copy of more renowned surfskates. The pro is without a shadow of a doubt the price and even the movement after all is not bad. The cons is the measure because 70cm is only 27.5 inches, so it's a little short for an adult like surfskate. Furthermore the materials are not among the most resistant. It can go very well as the very first surfskate or for a kid.

Waterborn Surf Adapter 

Are you wondering if your old skateboard can give you the same feelings, maybe with some small upgrades? Well the good news is that they have already thought of it and there are adapters on the market that can be mounted on virtually any skateboard, between the board and the truck, to turn a traditional skateboard into a surfskate. The bad news is that these adapters are not easy to find in Italy, but fortunately they are available for international shipping on

And now that you've chosen your surfskate, all you have to do is start training and watch these 5 surfskate tutorial videos for beginners that we've selected. Now there are no more excuses !!!  






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