Lo snowboard è nel nostro DNA. Surfare la fresca, carvare con uno snowboard o con degli sci e magari sfruttare un kite per esplorare nuovi pendii e possibilità.. 

Splitboard: divisible snowboard boards

Pros and cons and buying guide.

With the arrival of the first snow it is normal that the desire for a bit of snowboarding returns to be felt. In recent years, to be honest, snowboarding has somewhat stopped its growth, while skiing has...

Indoboard and proprioceptive tables

Buying Guide

It is easy to say Indoboard, but if you have finally decided to buy yourself one of these toys to train and why not, have some fun at home, you will have already noticed that, as usual, the choice is more...

Snowboard: how to train

how to keep fit and improve performance

Winter is coming. Like many at this time of year you will probably already be shivering at the thought of the first snow and you will already be preparing foils and insole of your beloved snowboard. Great....

Where to snowkiting in italy

Best 10 snowkite spots

Snowkiting is a sport that in recent years has become increasingly popular in our country, so much so that it is now quite common to come across this fascinating discipline in our mountains. Would you...

Goodboards snowboard and more

snowboard, ski, wakeboard and kiteboarding

The first time I came across the Goodboards brand was by chance. A friend of mine had called me to tell me that he had changed his snowboard board and he had chosen a Goodboards board. In fact, I had...

The 10 best snowboards of 2019

Beginners and intermediates

  The first sprinkles of snow arrive on our mountains and here the urge for some rides in the mountains is immediately rekindled. If you're looking around to buy your first snowboard, you'll probably...

How to choose your snowboard

for dummies

Buying a snowboard can be more difficult than it seems and often the biggest obstacle is not the price! The market is really full of more or less famous brands that each offer dozens of snowboard models,...

Balance Boards surf trainer

5 best balance boards for surf training

We know that surfing is a tiring sport. It requires continuous practice and training between sessions. Just training, dry surf training , is essential, especially if you can't go in the water every day...