10 gifts for surfers

Surfer or aspiring surfer gift ideas for Christmas 2020

2020 has now gone like this. What we can do, however, is to give and give ourselves something that is a good omen for the next year and cheers us up a bit ... we need it!

We wish and hope that we will no longer have to stay away from the sea, from the sports we love and from our passions, with surfing-themed gifts! Here then is our personal list of the best gift ideas for those who surf or for those who finally want to start doing it, whether it is children, perhaps our children, or whether it is boyfriends, husbands, wives, friends. A list of 10 gift ideas for surfers, for all budgets, for surfers of all ages and levels, and some tips to be on the safe side.

1. Poncho and changing accessories

A surfer who can define himself as such certainly does not stop for a bit of cold. Surfing in winter is a special feeling, which only those who have tried can understand and able to make you feel halfway between a pioneer and a chosen one ... something that gives you energy. Of course, in order to face the coldest temperatures, you need to have the right equipment in the water and, last but not least, the right accessories for when you get out of the water. In fact, the most delicate moment of winter outings is that of the change! Taking off your wet wetsuit and staying in the freezing air isn't pleasant at all, but with the right gear accessories, it can be done! What are the essential accessories for changing? Here they are!

The terry poncho is essential to avoid being naked in the middle of the parking lot. Comfortable, practical and always appreciated

The Wetsuit Bag changing mat is a small accessory with 2 functions in one: it serves both to not dirty the suit and to bring it home without getting the car wet. A small expense for a great convenience!

Speaking of getting changed after surfing ... the magnetic hook is one of those little indispensable accessories that no one ever has ... yet it is really useful both for hanging the wetsuit and letting it dry between rides and for hang a portable shower. It can be attached to the tailgate of the car, van or any iron pole in the spot.


Wetsuit bag - tappetino cambio

€ 35.00 -22%
€ 27.00

2. Neoprene cap and accessories

As I said above, to go out in winter it is necessary to have the right equipment. If giving a wetsuit is always a bit complicated, because it is not always easy to guess the size, it is much easier to give an accessory such as a neoprene hat, gloves and shoes.

3. Surf backpack and bags

Another small accessory that is always very popular is a dry bag to bring the wet suit home without destroying the car.

This waterproof Prolimit backpack, in addition to being usable for storing the wetsuit or wet costume, is very comfortable as a backpack, both for going to the beach and on the snow as well as for any outdoor activity. A beautiful technical backpack, PROLIMIT produces the best technical accessories on the market, roomy and with a thousand pockets to put everything you need, including wet boardshorts.
Plus it has comfortable laces on the front to carry a small skate.

The surfboard bag is another one of those simply indispensable accessories. You can't do without! Without the bag, the table gets dirty with sand, it gets scratched, it gets damaged. And without the bag, the car is full of paraffin. This is why it is so important.

Even a travel bag is always a welcome gift ... moreover this year could be a good omen (at least hopefully!)


Zaino tech stagno

€ 69.00 -14%
€ 59.00

4. Surf Books

There are books that should be on every surfer's bedside table. In this article we recommend 10 of our favorite surf books. .. If the person to whom you have to give the gift does not have it, please think about it! But there is one that more than every year deserves to end up under the Christmas tree:

The World Stormrider Surf Guide

The Surf Spot Bible for Surfers. A guide that needs no introduction. Constantly updated, complete, well done. A source of information and inspiration for upcoming trips. A gift that will surely be appreciated.

The World Stormrider Surf Guide

5. Gopro and accessories

The Gopro is one of the most popular action cameras for surfers to resume their exploits, whether they are on the surfboard or elsewhere. If the gift is for someone special a Gopro might be what you are looking for.

Depending on your budget, you can choose the latest version or an older model. The important thing is to choose it from 7 onwards and in the Black versions that are more suitable for surfing shots.

Here for example is the GoPro Hero Black 9

Together with the action camera we recommend some useful accessories for surf shooting: the mouth support and the surfboard support.


Supporto Gopro Surf Hero

€ 26.90 -37%
€ 16.90

GoPro Hero 9 Black

6. Car accessories

The car key lock is another must have. Finding a place to leave your car keys is always a problem and modern keys can no longer be put under the wetsuit, unfortunately. Even the bar to leave them at may not be around, so the Keychain lock is always a welcome gift.

We recommend this NorthCore key chain lock

Lucchetto portachiavi Northcore

7. Surfskate

I don't think I need to explain why the surfskate is one of the most popular gifts for surfers, right?

The Surfskate is the best tool for dry training when there are no waves, and is the trendy gift this Christmas 2020. The surfskate is one of the most desired gifts for children, teens and surfers beyond the years .. . if for example you are looking for a gift for the surfer dad, this is undoubtedly the right choice ... but also for the mom!

Obviously when it comes to surfskate there are dozens and dozens of models to choose from ... if in doubt ask us for advice

In the meantime, take a look at this beautiful Yow Lakey Peak 32 , one of our best sellers, as well as one of the most versatile and suitable for everyone, from beginners to experts!

8. Softboard

And here we are at last with the most coveted gift from every surfer ... a surfboard, of course. It matters little if the surfer in question already has a board, one is never enough ... and if two is better than one, three is even better! 

Soft boards are ideal as a first board and for kids, but not only. Nowadays they are also increasingly used by intermediate or advanced surfers because they are easy and fun boards, the ideal companions for having fun without worries on the softer waves, as in the conditions most at risk of accident!

If you are looking for a board for a surfer who is no longer a beginner but wants to progress and shorten the size or for an intermediate or expert level surfer, then a soft could be a good idea, as long as you choose the right model and size ... so before buying, if you have any doubts, ask for advice, even on whats app!

Meanwhile, we offer you two of our favorite models that are anything but the classic school sponges, but ladies surfboards also chosen by many experienced surfers. 

The Mystery Box is a soft board for all levels, from the expert to the kid who wants to improve his surf with a shorter board. A large board, one of the most popular softech models which thanks to its particular shape allows for a lot of volume even with a limited length.

The soft version of one of the most desired boards on the planet: the Hypto Krypto. The Hypto Krypto Soft Top is the absolute novelty of 2020, the meeting point between tradition and modern performance with an extra boost of fun. If you are looking for a soft board for an intermediate or even experienced surfer and are willing to spend a little more, this is THE board.

9. Surfboard

And here we are at the gift of gifts for a surfer, the surfboard!

Of course it is not easy to give a surfboard as a gift ... extricating yourself in the jungle of models and sizes is a difficult task even for experienced surfers. If you are not, before buying ask the person concerned or let us advise you!

In any case, we offer here a couple of great classics that are always tempting to any surfer.

Torq Pod Mod For
20 years the Pod Mod has been one of the most popular boards, its line has revolutionized surfing allowing you to use a shorter board than normal and detach air like on a skateboard. The Pod Mod is a board that needs to be ridden shorter and wider than the original. Perfect for the surfer who wants a little more volume under the chest to catch waves more easily, but who doesn't want to sacrifice performance.

Soul Surfboard Evo 2
The Evo 2 is a real cross over. Due to its shape it can be classified both in the beginner sector and in the category of experts who want a stable and at the same time maneuverable board. A board for everyone for small to medium waves and excellent for our waves ... plus at a very attractive price!


Pod Mod

€ 650.00 -1%
€ 639.00

10. Quick dry mute

SurfLogic WETSUIT PRO DRYER is a quick wetsuit dryer that dries a wet winter wetsuit in less than an hour! Definitely a great gift for your surfer partner if you are tired of having the bathroom perpetually occupied by hanging wetsuits that after a while start to smell like a wet dog because they never manage to dry properly. With this little accessory you will solve the problem once and for all and whoever receives it will thank you at every winter outing, because putting on a dry wetsuit instead of a wet, cold and smelly one, is really priceless!

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