5 gifts for those who skate

What to give to a skaters starting from € 10, or less

Are you looking for a gift idea for a skate or surfskate enthusiast or enthusiast for this Christmas 2020, but you don't really know what to choose or which side to redo? We help you!

We really believe there is a need to cheer up this Christmas 2020. A little red (as long as it is not that of the region!) To give energy and bring luck never hurts .. and of course a gift to skateboard, or better still surfskate , a sport that you can practice alone, even in home provided you have a small space such as a parking space, a driveway, a courtyard or even a terrace ... but of course the ideal is to enjoy the promenade waiting for the waves to improve or a nice artificial wave or a pool!

If you don't skate yourself, choosing a gift for someone who skates can seem really difficult. Lots of technical terms, tons of tables and styles ... easy to get lost. That's why we thought of this guide, with some tips to guide you in choosing the right gift and some advice on  skate gifts for all budgets that you can find for sale both on our shop and on Amazon! 

Here is our selection:


A small gift for a friend or friend who is passionate about skateboarding? Easy! Just choose from one of the many skate accessories, such as spare parts, wheels or maintenance tools that are always highly appreciated by those who receive them.

The Skate Tool keys, for example, are colorful and above all useful: an essential accessory for any skater ... but everyone is always without them! A small accessory that always pleases those who receive it!


A Vans Backpack is always a nice gift. Especially if the gift is for a boy or girl, a backpack of this type will certainly be appreciated. Let's face it, it's not about technical equipment. There is nothing that makes this backpack classify in the skate department rather than in the fashion one, if not precisely the brand ... but it is still useful and a nice gift. It will also be useful for going to the skate park, as well as for class.

As for the colors, obviously there is plenty of choice, and it all depends on the person to whom you have to give it ... we have chosen this on Amazon

Zaino Vans


A nice pair of Vans shoes are always welcome by skaters and for sure you will be spoiled for choice between the trendiest models and the timeless classics. And of course there are models for men, women, teens or children. The only advice we would like to give you is that, if you have to give them to someone who skates, young or old, be careful to choose models with flat soles . The ergonomic soles, with gussets, cushioned gel etc. they are great for walking but not for skating where it is important to have as much contact surface as possible and it is also good that the sole is not excessively raised.

You can also find many models on the Amazon Vans Store , like this one for example:

Vans Filmore Suede


Helmet and gloves for sliding are essential, the other protections are actually used a little less. Speaking of protections, obviously you are spoiled for choice, but if it has to be for a Christmas gift you can choose a nice helmet, perhaps even together with a hat or a cap.

Also take a look at our skate accessories selection to see if you find the one that's right for you.


Ed eccoci finalmente al regalo dei regali per chi fa skate: lo skateboard! Un surfskate è il regalo giusto per chi vuole iniziare o per chi non ci aveva nemmeno mai pensato ma potrebbe essere un buon canditato perchè ad esempio fa già surf, snowboard, kitesurf, sup... o qualunque sport da tavola insomma. E naturalmente è un regalo perfetto anche per chi già fa skate, perchè due tavole sono sempre meglio di una... e tre o quattro meglio ancora! 

It is not easy to untangle the myriad of existing skateboard decks ... we propose to give you a Surfskate. A surfskate is a skateboard with a particular type of mechanism designed to emulate the movements of the surfboard. Born to train to surf, it is now trendy even among those who have never surfed, but maybe they would have liked to. Surfskates are extremely fun and easy to learn. They also allow you to have a little fun at all levels and really suit everyone. A surfskate makes a fantastic gift for your children aged 5 and over and with virtually no age restrictions. And of course a surfskate is a perfect gift for sporty husbands and wives.

It is not easy to recommend in a few lines a model that can be suitable for everyone ... for the little ones we advise you to choose something manageable, with a length of about 28-30. For adults , whether they are beginners or already experienced, we recommend one of our best-sellers, a perfect surfskate to learn and progress with and with which those who are already good will have something to have fun with and which is also beautiful to see. ... one of the most beautiful and that will certainly not leave indifferent those who receive it. We are talking about the YOW PIPE 32 , a must have. 


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