I migliori porta surf morbidi e da viaggio

The surf rack is an essential accessory for your car for anyone who surfs, but also for many kiters it is useful, especially if you use a surfino or if you have a car that is not so big.

If you don't live by the sea, carrying surfboards can be a problem .
Personally, when I choose a car I carefully check the surfboards in the trunk ... I even take them to the dealer to try them in! However, it can still happen to have to put them on the roof, even if you don't want to dirty the interiors. Or simply surf with the longboard ... and then it's really hard for us to be in the trunk!

Today, however, I don't want to tell you about the classic car surf holders, the rigid ones you can buy for your car and allow you to carry everything from surfboards to IKEA furniture. These are undoubtedly the best to buy for your machine in terms of comfort and safety, but they have a flaw ... you can't carry them around and move them from one machine to another. You will say, evvabbè, mica I have 10 cars! Of course, neither do I, but how do we put it with the cars you rent on vacation?

Personally, as I said, when I'm at home surfboards and kitesurfing I almost always put them in the trunk. I use the surfboard especially when I go on holiday by plane and rent a car on the spot. So I put my little travel surfboard in the sports equipment . This allows me to have two great advantages: 

1. on the spot we are not forced to rent a mega suv, but a medium-sized utility car is enough. Inside we are comfortably in 3, while all the tables are on the roof.

2. the machine is not filled with sand and paraffin, so you avoid having nasty surprises when you return it.

Did you never think about it? We have been organizing ourselves for several years now, taking our soft portasurf with us and I must say that I would not give up. Before discovering these surfboards we did as many with a towel on the loom and belts more or less luck ... but having to wear straps at that point is much more convenient portasurf. During our last vacation in Barbados then, I happened to see some really cool ...

These are inflatable surfboards . Yes you got it right: inflatables. 
The cool thing is that they are really super light and compact so taking them with you is absolutely not a problem. In fact as soon as I returned to Italy I could not resist and I immediately documented myself.

But we come to our favorite models of car portasurf, and we have personally tested both on vacation and at home.

1. Northcore Soft portasurf for 3-door cars

This Northcore portasurf is one of the few that also fit into 3-door cars. Very useful therefore for anyone who has to load a surfboard, longboard or even a sup on a small utility car.

2. Creatures of Leisure Portasurf 

This portasurf we have been able to test it on many occasions and it is our faithful travel companion for several years. It is a beautiful solid and resistant portasurf that easily holds 3 boards, even large ones ... but also IKEA furniture !!! We also load our travel equipment bag, which I assure you is always full, without problems. Compared to the Northcore model it is suitable only for cars with 5 doors. 21 & linkID 93ec5fb4f34a72a70c64868aadd58ee4 = & language = en_US

3. Alubox Universal inflatable surfboard

A simple but effective idea: an inflatable luggage rack. A light and space-saving kit ... if you kitesurf you don't even need to take your pump with you, but just make sure you have the right connector! it_IT


4. Smartspec portasurf - self-inflating rack 

The "evolved" model of inflatable portasurf is this AUTOGONFIABILE portasurf. Very comfortable because it is enough to put it in position and it inflates itself. Really not bulky and light once put back in his bag. it_IT


Autore: Vale

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