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Calambrone - Tirrenia, Tuscany: where to kitesurf

Kitesurfing Spots between Calambrone and Tirrenia

Between Calambrone and Tirrenia, in the province of Pisa, there are several kitesurfing spots, some of which can be visited only in winter and others with limited access to members. We are talking about a stretch of coast characterized by excellent wind statistics, as it is well exposed to all the winds of the western quadrants and also to the swells. We see the various accesses to the sea along the Viale del Tirreno, starting from the south (Calambrone) and proceeding northwards (Tirrenia).


The spot of Calambrone , better known as Tarpons Bay , is located north of the port of Livorno, not far from the spillway, recently rearranged with works that have extended the beach. Definitely not a beach where you can spend an afternoon with your wives or girlfriend, but there's no doubt that it's a very comfortable spot with excellent wind statistics. Compared to other points on the Tyrrhenian coast here, for several meters from the shore, there is flat water even with large swells, which makes it the favorite spot for freestylers.
Access by car is reserved for club members, so to enter you must have an annual pass or pay daily access. For the card you can contact the local Surf Shop Surf City or directly at the bar next to the entrance. They will give you the keys that open the bar. You can park and inflate the sails just a few meters from the water. Council not to walk barefoot because the lawn hides annoying thorns, which among other things can be dangerous even for the sails ... be careful where you place the wing. Being so easy to access, there are also many windsurfing ... okkio!
This is the City Surf website:


Going on towards the north you will come across the HOASY DEL MARE , also known as the Tyrrhenian Sea 2000.
The Sea 's Hoasy is a seaside resort with an adjoining sailing and kitesurfing school, located on a beautiful equipped beach and with a beach bar open all year round. year. The Sea of ??Non-subscribers can park along the small road leading to the beach and take advantage of the beach on the right looking at the sea (this is until the umbrellas are installed in the summer).
This is the site of the Hoasy of the sea:


A few more meters and you meet the UAPPALA. Take the street of the establishment and park in front of the bar - restaurant (closed in winter). In summer, parking is subject to charges. The UAPPALA is a free spot, but only in winter. As soon as umbrellas and sunbeds are installed, it is no longer possible to go out, or it is possible to do so with limitations and always asking the establishments on the beach first. Being a free access it is very popular in winter. Beach and conditions are similar to the hash of the sea. 


Still a few hundred meters to the north and we find another access to the sea. As a reference you can take the surf shop CitySurf is on the opposite side of the road, just ahead. At this point you will find a pedestrian gate (house number C113) for access to the sea and then a wooden walkway that allows you to cross the sand dunes of tirrenia and get to the beach. This is perhaps the least frequented spot, so if you are not self-employed it is not the case ...


Here we are finally arrived at the square of Tirrenia . Park in the square and go down directly to the beach. This spot is very popular in winter because it allows you to park a short distance from the sea and to refresh yourself at the bar after the exit. Furthermore, if you are in the company of non-kiters it is perfect because right in the center. Obviously it is a spot that can only be used in winter. Attention in case of heavy storms because here the waves tend to be bigger and even from the shore. Furthermore, the wind, as you move away from the calambrone, tends to drop slightly. The difference is minimal, but sometimes a couple of knots can make the difference.

The stretch of coast between Calambrone and Tirrenia is very well exposed to all the winds of the western quadrant. Libeccio and Ponente are the most frequent in autumn and winter, sirocco in spring and Mistral in summer.  Libeccio and ponente can also enter VERY strong and can raise noteworthy waves. The sirocco can be a little side off, in this case it gets worse and is very gusty.

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