Capo Mannu, Oristano

Capo Mannu and Mari Emi in east sardinia

Capo Mannu is a mythical spot that any surf enthusiast has heard about, a promontory located about 20 km from Oristano, which is the starting point of the Sinis peninsula.
Universally recognized as the Italian capital of surfing, here the conditions can be really extreme: the mistral wind can blow even very strong and the waves can touch 4 - 5 meters (famous is the right). The sets are generally 3/5 in number and alternate with series that are not always the same. The protection of the promontory allows the waves to arrive smooth and unstoppable with NW and N wind, but this also means that the wind is practically absent below the coast ...
The right wind here is the mistral that enters sideshore on starboard tack. The North is instead side off and more difficult and gusty 

The beach at Capo Mannu is simply not there, so it seems that many opt to leave the Putzu Idu beach about 1 km downwind, to approach from the sea.

CapoMannu is undoubtedly one of the most famous spots but also one of the most radical and dangerous: to go out you have to take the time to the sets of waves making your way through the sharp rocks ... at the slightest mistake you also say goodbye to the equipment and start swimming with strength to try to save you at least you ... 

It is no coincidence that the only Italian wave race open to only 10 very experienced riders called to compete for the title of "Capo del Capo" is played here. Unfortunately during our brief stay in Oristano we never saw the spot work, nevertheless it was easy to imagine the show, given that even in calm sea conditions and almost absent wind waves of note were formed anyway.

Between the beach of Putzu Idu and the spot of Capo Mannu is the Mini Capo (it didn't seem so mini when we saw it!): Rigorously surf spots and not allowed to kiters, with very steep right and left we saw all 'the Roxy team works together with some really good locals.

But Oristano is not just made for experts. Here also those who are passionate about the wave can enjoy themselves, for example at Mari Eri.
The beach of Mari Eri is well exposed to mistral so it is the place where it is easier to get some edge in light wind conditions from mistral. Mari Eri is a beautiful all-around spot in the sense that it is possible to have flat water downwind and beautiful windward waves in a single spot. The beach is very long but not so wide and windward you have to pay attention to the rocks near the shore. Windward, near a small island, two waves are formed: one immediately above and one smaller below (be careful not to get too close because there is not a lot of bottom). Beyond the islet, upwind, there are other beautiful waves, longer and more continuous ... but even here okkio to the outcropping rocks!

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