Carver Super Surfer 2020

Our test of Carver's new surfskate

Surfskate: Carver Super Surfer 32

Length:  32 

Width: 9 and 7/8

Tail 6 e 1/4 - Nose 4 e 1/2

Wheelbase: 17

Truck: CX

Wheels:  75mm 81a ECO MAG

The new Supersurfer 32 is undoubtedly one of Carver's most anticipated innovations, a surfskate that introduces several innovations and which has aroused great interest. We too were obviously very impatient and finally for a few days now we have a Super Surfer with CX to try and here we are to tell you our "hot" impressions.

The first thing that strikes is obviously the height: riser and 75mm wheels make it impressive.

The Super Surfer is the only surfskate in the entire range with such large wheels: the 75mm ecothane. 

To compensate for the larger wheels and prevent the deck from touching them during the hardest carves, Carver has added 2 risers, in addition to the 2 that he usually mounts, therefore a total of 4 risers which together with the 75 wheels make this surfskate higher than the other Carver a couple of centimeters.
In fact, if you are light you can also take them off, and we did it in order to bring the skate more or less up to the others. Otherwise it is not that this is actually a problem because the higher deck is inconvenient for pushing, that is if you have to push with your foot, but obviously this is not the case. After removing the risers we loosened the nuts of both the front and rear trucks as much as possible, which we always do to our carver to make the surfskate softer .... but this is obviously a matter of taste, as well as depending on the weight who uses it.

As for the measures, the SuperSurfer is 32 long and 9 and 7/8 wide.
To make a comparison with one of the best known Carver models, the Super Surfer is one inch longer than the Resin (32 instead of 31), but has the same wheelbase. 

The Deck has a hyperspoon, that is a very pronounced and uneven concave but designed to accommodate the feet in the support area, where it becomes almost flat. Kick is also pretty steep.
Compared, for example, to the Yago Dora, which already had a very pronounced concave, the concave on the deck of the Super Surfer is even deeper and as said in zones.


Come va il Carver Super Surfer

As soon as you get on, the sensation is quite different from the other Carver models we were used to. 

At first the Super Surfer gave us the impression of being a very stable, relaxing surfskate. But in the small space available to us, when we were still in quarantine, we struggled to accelerate and gain speed. I have to admit that a little bit surprised us at the beginning and it took some time to get carried away, which is understandable considering that in the two months of the lockdown just passed we had mainly used the Yago Dora, a much more agile, reactive and faster skate and undoubtedly more suitable for the very small space we had available for training. The Super Surfer requires more pressure, incisive, precise movements. 

But it is when we finally managed to try it in larger spaces, on the road, even on small descents, that we finally enjoyed this surfskate. The Supersurfer is not made to spin like a top in the garage of the house, if you want to use it for this, honestly it makes little sense. But try it on the street and it will be clear to you why it is called Super Surfer. 

The big wheels slide silently on the asphalt. The first pumpings are more tiring , compared to more compact models and with a narrower wheelbase. It takes more effort and more space to gain speed. Movements must be decided. The whole body is needed to accelerate it properly, but when you push you feel every part of this surfskate that gives you back the push and progressively makes you accelerate, more and more. And when you carve the table, you can do it like never before.
If you have ever surfed, you know that it is not enough to push on toes and heels to make the board speed up. With this Carver Super Surfer it's the same thing. No shortcuts. To be radical, the movements must be decisive. And it is with this in mind that the Super Surfer represents one of the most suitable models for surfing training. 

If I had to compare it to a surfboard, it would not be a short tablet, but rather a slightly retro fish.


Recommended for those who take surf training seriously.
Recommended for use over long distances, artificial waves. 

If this is exactly what you are looking for, take a look at our surfshop, where you can buy this test model on offer!

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