Christenson fish surfboard

our Impressions about the Christenson fish

Chris Christenson is the famous Californian shaper known for making surfboards for some of the strongest surfers on the world scene, especially for XXL participants like Tom Lowe who rode the waves of Nazaré with one of his surfboards.

Every Christenson surfboard is a story in its own right, each in its own unique way. They are not boards built so much to make numbers, they are works of art born of an inspiration and aimed at an exclusive niche of surfers capable of appreciating them. In his range the Fish is, even according to Christenson himself, the most versatile. A surfboard that is a MUST HAVE for every good level surfer, an absolute icon. 

If you were stranded on an island for the next 10 years and were only allowed one board this would be my recommendation.” Ecco come Christenson presenta la sua creazione.

I had the pleasure of having her in my hands, and underfoot, in Lanzarote, where I asked Alexander who had added her to his quiver for some months now to tell me about his impressions. (Alessandro is a surf instructor in Lanzarote where he is the lanzarotekite school owner ). And here is his review.  

Christenson's Fish is a twin since it is openly inspired by the retro fish of the '70s, but revisited in a modern way in order to guarantee fun on every type of wave. 

Personally I found the FISH Christenson a very fast and easy board to get into the wave. The very deep concave in the fin area makes it super versatile and versatile, so you can surf in all conditions.

I have been able to use it both in conditions of slow wave and on fast and tubing walls. Thanks to its speed and the volume distributed over the center this board allows you to pass weak sections that with more performing boards you would not be able to pass. At the same time it becomes more technical and hard to make it run in the steepest and fastest waves, while in the softer sections thanks to its width and flat rocket it is better to be dominated in the cut back.

The choice of size is very difficult.
If we use a 27-liter table for a FISH Christenson as a performance table we should stay on 29/30 liters. And here it becomes difficult because Christenson unfortunately does not write the volume of his tables ... so what you can do is compare it with other similar ones of which we know the volume, but it will always be an approximate value.
My Fish measures 5'4'x20 ½ x 2 3/8 and comparing it with other fish I deduced that it has about 30/31 liters.

After all, Christenson's FISH is due to its shape, its origins, its shaper, a particular table to which you can't impose your own way of surfing. We must adapt to her and her style.

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