Corralejo - Flag Beach, Fuerteventura

Flag Beach kitesurf spot

Flag Beach is the kitesurfing spot par excellence of Corralejo in the north of Fuerteventura. The spot is located on the beautiful beach south of Corralejo, inside the dune park. If you are staying in Corralejo it is advisable to take a rental car to reach the spot. Otherwise there are some hotels directly on the spot.

The wind that generally blows in Fuerteventura is the Aliseo from the North Northeast. Its intensity and consistency are ideal from April to May until August. Autumn is the least windy period. In winter it is possible to find windy days even if less frequently than in summer and often with direction from south and south-east (however ideal direction in this spot). 

Sea:at low tide, extreme caution must be taken because there are sharp rocks outlined, especially near the shore. TO MAKE THE IDEA WELL ... at low tide you have a channel of about three meters to exit .... bordered by buoys you will think .... no rocks! And when there is crowding in the water, you have to wait to catch the canal! Unfortunately incidents of kiters who jump and end up on the rocks are really on the agenda, so the advice is, especially if you are a beginner, to always check your watch during your sessions.
Near the shore the water is often chopposa, while outside in general there are waves formed. The waves depend on the swell, so in winter they are more consistent, while in summer they are often formed only by the wind. The best wave conditions usually occur with swells from the north, and when this is accompanied by winds from the south, southeast the conditions are truly exceptional !.

From Flag beach many people reach by sailing the islet in front of LOBOS, famous among surfers because there is one of the longest waves in Europe with a tube. The islet is not far away but it is not advisable to go without a support boat ... because if you have problems the next stop is Africa ... For Lobos, however, ferries and taxi boats are always leaving.

A flag beach there are kitesurf schools and also some beach services (umbrellas, bars ...) A recovery service is available but anything but economic, so if your level is such that you think you have you need to go and talk to the local school before going out and in case you agree a subscription.

Temperature: The canaries are the islands of eternal spring. In summer it is never too hot ... but not even in winter! Spending the Christmas holidays here is undoubtedly pleasant and in costume sunbathing is almost always good, but the water is cold so a wetsuit is necessary (I recommend a 3/2 long or even a 4/3 in the cloudy and more windy days). 

The village of Coralejo is very pretty and the northern area of ??

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