Ecological Surfwax

keep your waves clean

Have you ever wondered what paraffin we normally use on our surfboards?
Generally the most used surfwax are composed of a mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from oil. Substances that pollute our seas both when we use them (because paraffin is dispersed in water with use), and when they are produced because their processing is particularly polluting.
However, there are also alternatives, equally valid, of natural origin and completely environmentally friendly that allow you to stay well glued to the surfboard without using oil derivatives.

GreenFix surfwax

Our favorite is the wax produced by a French company: GreenFix which not only produces 100% natural paraffins and wax removers but bases its entire business model on the concept of both environmental and social sustainability.
Thus the GreenFix surfwaxes are produced in France, therefore also close to us, they use only natural materials and paper packaging. In addition, packaging is entirely entrusted to an employment center that employs people with varying degrees of disability, in the context of social inclusion projects.
The philosophy of GreenFix is ??But the beauty is that this surfwax ensures excellent adherence, even better than that of the most famous chemical-based competitors ... so why don't try it?

Yucky Tofu surfwax

Yucky Tofu is an ecological surf wax made from soy and coconut milk. Completely biodegradable but also resistant under your feet thanks to its special formula. This paraffin has nothing to envy to oil-based rivals ... in fact, by using it you will only have to gain and your waves will thank you. 

The packaging is also in recycled paper and biodegradable ink.






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