Essaouira kitesurf spot

Guide to the spot, when to go, tips

Essaouira, the white city, is located less than 3 hours from Marrakech so it is a popular destination for those looking for a cheap and not too distant destination. 

Reaching the spot is very simple, you practically crash into it coming to the beach from the main road. You park right next to a lounge bar and the ION kite center. Further on there are also other kitesurf centers. Right in front of the kite area, 

The Essaouira beach is located south of the city on a bay about 4km long, which then continues in a long sandy coast, all navigable to the tip of Cap Sim. A really wide sandy beach, even at high tide, little frequented in winter. In addition to kites, you will find camels, horses and quads. No danger, no rocks, not even at sea. In the middle of the bay, about 1km from the shore there is a small islet. The sale generally blows from the North North East, so it is side or slightly side off.

The wind here blows almost all year round, it is no coincidence that it is called the city of the wind and various windsurfing and kitesurfing competitions are held there, but it is often gusty. It stretches further away from the city of Essaouira. 

The water in the bay remains low for about 150 meters, so it is also perfect for beginners. The waves, when they are there are at least 150 - 200 meters from the shore, otherwise there is only chop.

When to go

The statistically windiest period is from April to September. In July there is an 80% chance of finding more than strength 4, and they often serve really small sails. This is also the time when there are fewer waves, so you will mostly find chop conditions at sea. The wave period is the opposite of winter. So if you are passionate about wave riding the best months are the intermediate months.


The water is rather cold even in summer. Let's say that the sea temperature is more like Portugal than the Canary Islands. The color and smell is not really inviting.
The air is maintained on fairly mild values ??In winter you need a 4/3 wetsuit, in summer a shorty.

Because yes

- Relatively close and cheap destination
- The city of Essaouira is worth a visit, and Marrakesh also
- Exotic atmosphere, good food

Why not

- Brown water that tastes like oil ... and more.
- Eventual non-kiters will certainly not be able to swim.

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