Famara, Lanzarote

Kitesurfing in playa Famara

Lanzarote is located in the Canary Islands (about 4 hours flight from Italy) north of Fuerteventura from which it is separated by a narrow stretch of sea that can be covered with just 20 minutes by ferry. 

Who goes to Lanzarote with the idea of ??
The village of Caleta de Famara It is located in the north-western part of the island of Lanzarote and overlooks Famara beach: about 7 km of sand at the foot of the El Risco de Famara mountain. The beach starts at the town at the southern end and continues up to the mountain, flanked along the entire length by a dirt road with enough space to park. The kite area is located in the northern part, further away from the country. From one year to another it can be moved slightly, but in general it is after the end of the paved road. In summer the regulation is rather rigid while in winter it is possible to go even closer to the country. 


The beach is oriented to north / north-east which is also the direction of the trade winds which generally blows from April to the end of August and in any case the wind with which 90% of the exits are made. Okkio that if it arrives too far from the east does not enter. The wind is channeled between the islet of Graciosa in front and El Risco and accelerates reaching the beach. In winter the probability of wind is around 50%, while in July it stands at 90%. The intensity can vary a lot: from 12-14 knots to over 30.


Immense and sandy. At low tide the beach is also very wide and many small lagoons are formed where children often bathe. At high tide the water reaches the volcanic pebbles that frame the beach. When the tide is at its peak, only a few beach handkerchiefs remain. In this case the best place to go out is at the "bunker" at the end of the bungalows, where there is always enough beach. If you go further you may have to mount the kite along the dirt and sand road.


Famara is mainly a wave spot with beautiful right and left waves that form on the sandy bottom so without great dangers, so much so that it is very popular even for beginners surfers in all seasons. The course of the waves is inverse with respect to that of the wind: the days spent for surfing are concentrated in winter, when memorable conditions can occur, while in summer the waves are generally less high. In April we found days with a wave of up to 3 meters, but even in August there were very respectable days. In any case, the wave, small or large, is always rather regular and surfable. At low tide it is usually cleaner but also steeper, at high tide the sea becomes more choppy. Those who do not want to compete with measuring waves can move towards the end of the beach, at the end of the dirt road, under the mountain of the risco. Moreover this is the most suggestive point of the whole beach, with colors almost like a tropical beach and the mountain overlooking the sea. Also the small traverse up to the rocks right in front is very beautiful.


The Famara spot is suitable for riders of all levels, including beginners who wish to attend the course. This is because the beach is very large, the seabed is sandy, there are no obstacles and it is easy to find a place to try it quietly. On days of really big waves beginners will still be able to wait for low tide and stay in front of the shore to try, or choose a point where the peaks are less high. The experts and lovers of the wave will certainly find something to enjoy!


As I said, you don't expect luxury hotels or resorts. In famara you can stay in the surf and kite house in the village or in the lovely bungalows on the beach. There are plenty of kite and surf schools and you can also contact them for accommodation, material rental, on-site repairs (I wish you not) and anything else. We recommend that of our friend Alessandro, not only because we know him but above all for his professionalism (he has been kiting for more than 15 years and is also on the island).


The village of Famara deserves two words. It is a fishing village, where surf schools now far outweigh any other activity. Despite this you will not find hotels here. In reality there is not even a gas station, nor a pharmacy. However, there are several restaurants and a few small supermarkets. Teguise, where you can find the gas station and also the medical guard is a few kilometers away. In about 15 minutes from Famara you can also reach Costa Teguise and in a little more of Puerto del Carmen. I really like Famara's isolation, but if you prefer a more mundane destination, you can always opt for accommodation in Puerto del Carmen that is not all that far away.

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