Gong Kitefoil allvator freeride

The cheapest kitesurf foil on the market

GONG is a French brand that produces and sells products directly from kite, surf, sup, wing, hydrofoil, boards, accessories.

It is not a new brand on the market since they have 30 years of experience in the production of boards. Born in a garage, he now has a factory that produces materials for our sports with an eye to the environment.

But we come to the question that, if you have seen their site, it has surely crossed your mind ... "why do their products cost so little?"

According to what you read directly on the site, the answer is simply that they do not have intermediaries, do not advertise and do not have stores that resell their products. They believe in advertising that simply comes from satisfied customers.

Buying their products, hydrofoils, boards etc. is simple: just order online and wait for the courier at home.

You are probably wondering "but will the materials really be valid and long lasting?" "How will they be put in terms of research and development?" ... And ultimately "is it really worth buying a hydrofoil Gong?" We asked ourselves too and so we decided to buy one and try it. Their workhorse is SUP but they are also working hard with kitesurfing, surfing and Wing.

So we decided to buy and try the KITE FOIL ALLAVATOR FREERIDE in aluminum with 80cm mast, list price € 399, which for a complete hydrofoil is definitely an attractive price. We will leave aside the considerations on the opportunity to choose an aluminum foil instead of carbon, to focus on this hydrofoil.

The Foil arrives in a nice box, inside we find a well-made bag with various foam compartments where all the parts of the foil are housed to prevent scratching during transport.


MAST in aluminum

Wing and stabilizer in fiberglass and carbon fiber

Bag and mounting accessories

Assembly of the foil is simple, and everything necessary to assemble it is supplied in the box (also the Allen key to tighten the screws). Once assembled the foil weighs 3.9kg.
A small note is that the plate of attack on the table does not have rubber, so it risks scratching the table .. possibly the thing can be solved with a thin layer of 3m adhesive.

The front fin has a very simple shape and is made of fiberglass and carbon.

The model we have chosen, the allivator is a multipurpose hydrofoil, ideal for those who already have a minimum of experience and are looking for something fast enough and performing, albeit without obviously approaching racing models.

In the water the foil starts with little wind, even in the hands of those who do not have a great experience. Let's say that with a 9mq kite it allows you to plan with about 10 knots. 

Once the glide is gained, the gong is fairly stable, although the 80cm mast and the front wing are quite narrow do not make it particularly simple and suitable for beginners. Let's say that it requires a certain sensitivity and a good foot, otherwise it is easy to find oneself spared! On the other hand, it is a hydrofoil that allows you to reach respectable speeds, an early glide and lots of fun with a reasonable investment.


The hydrophil Gong Allivator has exceeded our expectations and has proven to be a good foil, very well built, easy to assemble, resistant. Recommended for those who want a fast and fun hydrofoil, without spending a fortune.
For those who are beginners or do not intend to use it, we often recommend a model with a wider front wing such as the freestyle model and possibly a shorter mast.



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