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The first time I came across the Goodboards brand was by chance. A friend of mine had called me to tell me that he had changed his snowboard board and he had chosen a Goodboards board.

In fact, I had never heard of it before, and I was immediately intrigued by it. 

Goodboards is a German brand more precisely than Monaco specialized in making hand-made boards that exude passion from every pore. Small artisan production, environmentally sustainable, durable materials of the highest quality for an almost niche production. But Goodboards is not just a brand linked to snow with snowboard and ski production: Goodboards also produces two-way kitesurf boards and wakeboard boards. What amazes you? Thinking about it, Goodboards is certainly not the first, and certainly not the last, to make boards for the sea and the mountains.

Already Nobile kiteboarding, several years ago, he came to the world of kitesurfing after having produced snowboards for famous brands such as Burton for years, becoming one of the most famous brands in the world of kitesurfing.

In fact, if you think about it, the constructive affinities in kitesurf and snowboard boards are not few, as are the qualities we look for in both ... But today let's focus on their main sector snow.

Goodboards snowboard

Snowboards are all character boards that aim to stand out from the usual series production. All the Goodboards all have a wooden core, but the type of wood used varies and in some cases the wood is laminated with glass fibers or carbon-kevlar to obtain the desired flex.

The product lines that goodboad proposes for snowboarding is very wide and ranges from freeride boards, freestyle, all mountain and longboard. Few pieces produced (example for some models the production is limited to only 120 pieces per measure).

One of the symbolic pieces of their production and the philosophy of Goodboard is without a doubt the  LEGENDS a freeride board with a cherry wood core with a medium-rigid and camber flex, designed for those who love speed and prefer large descents, possibly in cool. Available in two versions: freeride up to 175cm and longboard up to 202cm for speed lovers and look for surfing sensations.

The KILLER  is instead the table designed for beginners or simply for all those who do not like complications. It is a very intuitive board with a soft flex and therefore also chosen by intermediates or experts looking for a multi-purpose board that does not require too much effort. Available in man or woman version

The WOODEN is the best-selling board Goodboard. A snowboard with a core made by combining two types of wood, fiberglass, basalt and carbon-kevlar inserts. A table with two different styles thanks to the possibility of choosing the traditional camber for those looking above all for maneuverability and precision, or Double Rocker for those looking for a more playful table.

The FIRST is the top model for girls looking for a technical panel for fast and precise turns down. Soul built with two types of wood, basalt and fiberglass. Even the Prima is available in Camber or double rocker versions.



Autore: Vale

Ho incontrato il kitesurf nel 2002 ed è subito stato amore. Qualche anno dopo mi sono avvicinata anche al surf. Quando sono in acqua sono felice e se sei su questo sito probabilmente sai già di cosa sto parlando. Ci vediamo in acqua.


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