Hydrofoil kite: best 10 kite for foiling

A recurring doubt for those who are beginners with hydrofoil is the choice of sail. Which model, and above all which size is more suitable to be used with a foilboard?

Kite pump vs box for hydrofoil

The first doubt that assails many novice riders with hydrofoil kite is whether to choose a pump sail or not. A boxed kite undoubtedly has considerable advantages in light wind, however if you are not used to using this type of sail I do not recommend itsince the differences in conduction compared to a kite pump and above all the difficulty in relaunching from the water would only make things more difficult for you during your first edges with hydrofoil. Using a sail that you know well, or a similar model, will allow you to focus on just one thing at a time: driving your foilboard. And if in the future you really want to push yourself to the limit of light wind, or if you want to enter the world of racing, then probably a boxed kite will be the right choice for hydrofoil kite.


Which model of kitesurf sail for hydrofoil

What features should a kite have to use with hydrofoil? Many brands are proposing kitesurf sails specifically designed to make the most of your foilboard, however, in the absence of a specific kite it will be sufficient to find your way around easy and handy kitesurf sails, with a gradual and non-explosive power release and good buoyancy in the air . That is all of the features that are generally found in kitesurf sails designed for lightwind, waveriding or freeride, while it is better to avoid freestyle sails. 

Which measure of kitesurf sail for hydrofoil

Obviously the size of the kite to be used with hydrofoil must be chosen based on the intensity of the wind and your weight. But let's consider the famous 8-10 knots which are probably the condition that drives most to buy a hydrofoil. Which sail is needed to get out with about 10 knots of wind, or even something less? In principle, a kite of about 12  square meters, more square meters, less square meters depending on your weight and your sensitivity, will be sufficient, unless you are really VERY heavy. A larger kite like a specific light wind sail of 15 or 17 square meters will not make you gain many knots and vice versa has the disadvantage of being less manageable, slower and making you find yourself overpowered as soon as the wind gets up some knot. If you are a light rider consider a size of about 9 square meters.

Here are 10 kitesurf sails ideal for hydrofoil kitesurfing:

A list of 10 kitesurf sails that are the perfect match with your kite foil board. We have considered two of the most commonly used measures for comparing list prices for kite only (without bar). The list is in alphabetical order!

Airush Ultra V2

Airush with its Ultra V2 has made its kitesurf sail lighter than ever, thanks to an extremely careful construction to every detail. To make a comparison an Ultra 9mq weighs only 1.7kg: 1kg less than a Lithium of the same size. A kitesurf sail with only one strut literally designed to float in the air, even with extreme conditions and therefore perfect for hydrofoil. Its strengths are the low end, the stability and the large depower, all features that make it a great choice for the freerider foiler as for the strapless rider. Even the bag is ultra-light and compact, which makes the Ultra an excellent travel companion. Available in sizes from 4 to 17sqm. For info:
Airush Ultra 12sqm : price list 1469,
Airush Ultra 9sqm : list price € 1309.00

Cabrinha Apollo

Cabrinha interprets kite foiling with its Apollo: a kitesurfing performance sail with 5 struts with a Bow type profile and a high Aspect Ratio. A kite without compromising on efficiency and performance. The key word of this freeride kite is speed, together with an extended wind range and excellent hang time qualities. The Apollo is the kite to reach unimaginable speeds on your hydrofoil. Available in sizes from 5 to 16sqm. For info:
Cabrinha Apollo 12sqm : list price € 1699.00
Cabrinha Apollo 9sqm : list price € 1449.00 

Core Section2 

The Section is the kitesurf sail dedicated to waveriding, in particular strapless, by Corekiteboarding. This is not a specific sail, designed for foiling, but rather a wave sail that lends itself very well to hydrofoil kite thanks to its characteristics. The Section is a 3 strut kite with a very controllable and progressive power management, which you can completely undo and be able to provide the power needed to overcome wind holes, without ever tearing off the board in bursts. The extreme ease of relaunching from the water completes the picture. The Section therefore has everything that is generally required of a kite to be used with hydrofoil. The Section is available in sizes from 4 to 14 square meters (12 and 14 square meters are LW versions). For info:
Core SectionLW 12sqm : list price € 1599.00
Core Section 9sqm : list price € 1399.00  

FOne Breeze V2

Fone concentrated all his efforts in the Breeze to build a specific kite for light wind and foiling. The Breeze is a kitesurf sail with a single strut, therefore extremely light and performing in light wind, starting from just 8 knots, with a range of sizes ranging from 3 to 17 sqm! The large sizes are optimized to offer more power while the small sizes remain controllable even in really strong winds. The Breeze is a kite whose focus is the handling combined with speed and power control, essential for foiling. The Breeze is also an easy to relaunch kite in the event of a fall in the water. For info:
Fone Breeze 11sqm : list price € 1388.00
Fone Breeze 9sqm : list price € 1235.00


Liquid Force Solo V3

The Solo V3 is the proposed liquid force for the hydrofoil dedicated kitesurf sector. A mono strut kite to be used possibly with a foiling. The Solo is a powerful kitesurf sail, super stable even in the very light and permissive limit wind conditions. Water relaunch is another strong point of the Solo V3, a kite that thanks to these features is equally suitable for both beginners and experts and foilers looking for a sail to forget in order to concentrate on new tricks even in super light winds. Available in sizes from 3.5mq to 17.5mq. For info:
Liquid Force Only V3 12sqm : list price € 1399.00
Liquid Force Only V3 9sqm : list price1299.00 € 

Naish Boxer

The 2018 Boxer is the sail designed by Naish Kiteboarding specifically for kite foiling. It is a kitesurf sail with a strut whose key words are simplicity and versatility. The boxer is in fact a kitesurf sail characterized by direct handling, large wind range especially in the low end, progressive power delivery and very easy to relaunch in case of falling into the water. Even the construction is extremely accurate, with strategic reinforcements where it is needed and super light materials to give the best in light wind.
Measures from 3.5sqm to 16sqm. For info:
Naish Boxer 12sqm : list price € 1399.00
Naish Boxer 9sqm : list price € 1149.00

North MONO

The Mono 2018 is a 1-strut kite  specifically designed for hydrofoil kitesurfing and freeriding. The Mono is a very powerful all-around kitesurf sail, particularly manoeuvrable even in light winds, and very easy to re-launch from the water. A kite and fun with a direct response to the controls, a light pressure on the bar, a progressive power delivery, an exceptional low end and excellent upwind qualities. A kitesurf sail that adapts perfectly to both beginners and to be used with a directional or foilboard.
Measures from 3.5sqm to 15sqm. For info:
North Mono 12sqm : list price € 1470.00
North Mono 9sqm : list price € 1260.00


Ozone Edge

The EDGE V9 is the high-performance Ozone Sailing Pump for any Race TT and Hydrofoil kitesurfing race. The Edge is a kitesurf sail with 5 struts, now in its ninth version. A freeride machine capable of surprising even in the big air, but always appreciated above all for the incredible speed of gait combined with surprising angles of gait.
Available in sizes from 5 to 19sqm. For info:
Ozone Edge 11sqm : list price € 1589.00
Ozone Edge 9sqm : list price € 1479.00

RRD Emotion MK3

Emotion MK3 is the kitesurf sail for RRD foiling. A kite with a strut designed for those looking for a specific kite for foiling, light wind and freeride. Emotion MK3 is a powerful, stable and very fast kitesurf sail with a light bar pressure and an immediate and precise command response. A kite that is easy to use and re-launch which ultimately is also very versatile and adapts to many types of riders from beginners to those who love waveriding. Available in sizes from 3 to 17sqm. For info:
RRD Emotion 12sqm : list price € 1299.00
RRD Emotion 9sqm : list price € 1049.00

Slingshot SST

SST is Slingshot's answer to the request for a specific kitesurf sail for hydrofoil. The SST 2019 is a 3 strut kite with direct and immediate response to the controls in all conditions, even while you are sailing downhill and the sail is completely unloaded. A kitesurf sail characterized by excellent buoyancy and incredible upwind qualities, with precise power management and the ability to completely cancel itself, following the kiter like a shadow to return immediately reactive as soon as the bar is touched. Moreover Slingshot has paid particular attention to the construction and you have materials in order to obtain a light but strong kitesurf sail.
Measures from 4sqm to 12sqm. For info:
Slingshot SST 12sqm: list price € 1420.00
Slingshot SST 9sqm : list price € 1225.00 


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