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It is easy to say Indoboard, but if you have finally decided to buy yourself one of these toys to train and why not, have some fun at home, you will have already noticed that, as usual, the choice is more complicated than you thought.

Indoboard which is the most famous of these proprioceptive tablets designed specifically for surfing, snowboarding training and more generally for all table sports, it does not produce a single model but 7 different models, each with its specific characteristics: Original , Pro, Mini Pro, Rocker, Kicktails, Yoga, Mini Original. To the models made in Indoboard, there are also many other proposals, some more low cost. others more specific for a certain type of goal and training. 

Indoboard Original

Indoboard original is the first, the one from which it all started in 1998. An oval 30 "x18" inch deck and a 6.5 "diameter roller. The roller is equipped with non-slip grip and the deck has two stoppers to avoid that the board slips away. Simple and effective is undoubtedly the most popular model that is perfect for everyone and for any type of training.

In addition, and personally I recommend it, you can choose the package that also includes the inflatable pillow. The cushion multiplies the possibilities of use as well as being more suitable if you have to use the indoboard for muscle rehabilitation, strengthening or for specific workouts. The cushion obviously makes the tablet less fun, but it makes you work very precisely. Ideal even if you are a beginner.

Over time, compared to this "basic" version, Indoboard has developed many variations. For example, the PRO and Mini PRO versions are more suitable for those who want to train in the Cross Step on the longboard. The Rocker model has, as its name suggests, a rocker that increases the possibility of tricks and rotations. Furthermore, it does not have the limit switch, making it suitable only for the most expert. The Kicktails model features a longer board with an ideal kick for training in skateboarding and wakeboarding tricks. Finally, the Yoga board is a very large board used in yoga. 
However, our favorite is undoubtedly the Original, for its versatility.


The alternatives to indoboard

There are many alternatives to indoboard, and some really work just as well. In the meantime, let's see those that differ most in terms of characteristics and scope of use.


Jucker Hawaii is perhaps one of the main competitors of Indoboard and offers a complete range of balance boards for all uses, at a really interesting price. 

Jucker Hawaii SURF

The Surf model is 30 inches long and 16.5 wide so it measures very similar to the indoboard. It has tip and tail stoppers and a very captivating shape. The package includes both the roller and the cushion so that it can be used for all Cross-Fit-Training, Surf, Skate workouts and for any table sport.

Jucker Hawaii SKATE

The skate model is narrower and above all does not have stops, so it is recommended for the more experienced and those who want to use it to train in skateboard tricks at home. Also this model is supplied both with roller and with cushion so as to increase the range of exercises. 7762-4ba4-93f0-28dd164e130c & pf_rd_r = 66T7VA2V4RN19RMKFBSG & psc = 1 & refRID = 66T7VA2V4RN19RMKFBSG


Goofboard is a proprioceptive board dedicated to longboarders. It has a rather imposing length of 44 inches (about 112 cm) against the 30 of the original board. The peculiarity is that the roller must be used longitudinally and its goal is mainly to train in the cross step. Given the length it is also possible to use it to train in the pop up of the surf, despite the length is not that of a surfboard. Especially perfect for teaching children the correct movement. 91% & dchild = 1 & keywords = Goofboards & qid = 1573819053 & s = sports & sr = 1-1 & th = 1

NALANDA Balance Board

This balance board is quite similar to the indoboard, but it has a decidedly more competitive price. The main difference is in the shape of the deck which is narrower and slightly longer (33 inches) and less oval, so it lends itself less to advanced rotations and tricks, but it will be great to start. It also has a very nice function for beginners. The ability to change the distance of the blocks that prevent the table from escaping from the roller. The tighter they are, the easier it is. As you gain confidence, you can drive them away. = 1 & keywords = balance + board & qid = 1573820048 & s = sports & sr = 1-8

SportPlus Economic Balance Board

If you are looking for an inexpensive alternative, take a look at the wooden Sportplus. It is a functional and well made balance board for just € 40, the cheapest on this type of amazon. Of course for this price there are MAs. In fact there are some compromises that you will have to accept, if for you it is not a problem then it can be a solution. The first problem is the size of the board which is just 23 inches long. Forget tricks and maneuvers, this is just a tablet to train balance a bit. If the toy has fun and you want to progress, you will have to choose something bigger. The second problem is the wooden roller which is very rigid and this is also a defect. = 1 & keywords = balance + board & qid = 1573824868 & sr = s = sports & 1-11


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