Kitesurf Impact Vest

Features and which one to buy

Impact Vests aren't just for beginners. I know many feel cooler to go out without, hard and pure. We are the first to often have the bad habit of kitesurfing without the impact jacket, but this is as we said a really bad habit and it is never too late to change it because we all fall and take some bad shots. Sometimes harder and with worse consequences. And an impact vest can really make a difference and save your ribs and more, while also supporting you a little while you catch your breath before the next maneuver.

A Bumper Vest does just that: protect your rib cage from bumps, give you a little extra float when you need it, and also add a little extra warmth to your winter rides.

But what are the characteristics to consider when choosing a good shockproof jacket? How is a good impact vest?



The impact vest must obviously be padded. More padding means more protection but it is useless to look like a Michelin man ... you know? Modern technical materials are able to offer good protection in relatively thin thicknesses because they use high density foam.

If you need to buy an impact jacket for kitesurfing it is essential that it is HALF PADDED, i.e. padded only in the upper part. Around the waist it must absolutely not have padding otherwise you will not be able to wear it with the trapeze. All impact vests designed for kitesurfing are of this type and that is half padded. While those for example for wakeboarding are full padded, that is, they also have padding in the lumbar area. 

When choosing your impact think about what you do ... if you are a beginner or on the contrary if you are a lover of freestyle jumps or wakesyle better not skimp. If, on the other hand, you are more of a free ride or wave type, you go out in fairly quiet conditions, with light winds, then you can prefer lightness and freedom of movement over padding. 

However, keep in mind that top-of-the-range models often use thinner but denser padding, which therefore offers the same degree of protection. Plus some have memory foam layers for extra comfort!

Zip or not zip

Kitesurfing impact vests are generally divided into two types: with or without zip.
I tell you right away that front zip impacts are far more comfortable to put on and take off. In addition, the impacts of this type often have a little more padding, because you can still wear them comfortably. So as far as we're concerned, we prefer shockproof vests rather than shockproof tops to slip on like a t-shirt. 

There are possibly variants with side zips or half zips ... the choice is yours. The key point is that you have to put it on and take it off comfortably, otherwise you won't want to put it on !


Impact vests are not life-saving devices. This is good to be clear. In other words, they are not approved as life jackets because their buoyancy is lower than that of a life jacket and not sufficient to guarantee buoyancy in all conditions. 

Nevertheless, the impact vests help to float and not a little. You will say. But I know how to swim, otherwise I wasn't kitesurfing. Surely. But imagine the typical crash after a jump that landed badly, perhaps from the back. The kite falls and therefore does not support you. You are there trying to catch your breath, breathing slowly because your ribs have taken a good hit and they hurt you. Here, in these cases an Impact Vest gives you that extra peace of mind necessary to make you catch your breath safely.

So all impact vests give you a little buoyancy aid ... some more than others. Normally more padding equals more buoyancy. 

Fit and comfort

Last but not least, the comfort factor. A good impact vest needs to fit snugly. Too bulky impact vests risk hindering movement. If you have to choose a hair that is narrower rather than wide, obviously without exaggerating. A well-fitting Impact is not a hindrance to movement at all. If it remains firmly in position you will not even notice you have it, on the contrary it helps to keep the trapezium in position too, preventing it from climbing.

It is therefore essential to choose an impact with stretch fabric of the right size, tending to tight .

Another factor to consider regarding comfort is that an impact also protects from wind and cold ... giving you a little extra warmth during your outings.


Impact Vest Fusion FZ

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