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kitesurfing: 10 destinations with flat water

For beginners and freestylers

Whether you are a beginner looking for the ideal beach to learn kitesurf, or you are an avid freestyler eager to improve in un-hooked maneuvers, a wave-free spot is for you. This is why we have compiled this list of 10 of the best kitesurfing destinations with flat water conditions. 

Stagnone, Sicily

We open our list with one of the most famous Italian spots: the stagnone, a nature reserve a few kilometers north of Marsala, and a stone's throw from the airport of Trapani Birgi. Here the Grande Island offers shelter from the waves and forms a vast lagoon where the water is on average about one meter and a half deep and exposed to all winds, from summer thermals to winter disturbances. A paradise of flat water ideal for beginners, freestyle and freeride.
Best time: spring, summer, autumn.


Marsa Alam, Egypt

A true classic of kitesurfing destinations: the Red Sea. Dozens of spots where dozens and dozens of kiters make their first edges every year while the more experienced do their tricks. Among the various locations, Marsa Alam is probably one of the most popular. Here you can choose between various spots and hotels like the Blue Lagoon or the Equinox in the El Nabaa area. Few hours of flight and low costs make it an excellent destination all year round even if the windiest months are summer months from May to October. 

Lefkada, Greece

Greece is another classic destination for kitesurfing thanks to its proximity to our peninsula, the beauty of the landscape and of course the winds that blow here throughout the summer. In Lefkada in particular the wind usually rises around lunchtime and blows on average with intensity from force 5 to force 6 until sunset, when it's time to enjoy a beer looking at the sea. Of course Lefkada is not the only one of the Greek islands that deserve a kite trip: kos , paros and of course Rhodes are other ideal destinations that combine flat water and wind virtually guaranteed for the whole summer.

Sotavento, south Fuerteventura

A few hours of flight, mild temperatures all year round and above all a lot, a lot of wind all year round (less frequently only in autumn): Fuerteventura is undoubtedly an excellent destination for kitesurfing and in particular the huge beach of Sotavento with its lagoons. Sotavento is an almost always flat spot chosen by many kiters for training in freestyle maneuvers, while the lagoons that fill up at high tide are the ideal place where hundreds of kiters attend courses every year (including me, many, many years ago! ).
Best time: spring, summer.
Read more info here to organize your kite trip in fuerteventura

Dakla, Morocco

A large lagoon in the deep south of the morocco, far from everything and surrounded by the desert. This is dakhla, a small fishing village transformed thanks to its exceptional conditions in one of the world's kitesurfing centers. An optimal destination for those approaching this sport for the first time, as for those who want to progress and have fun. Of course, there isn't much mundane life to do here, but the wind that blows unbroken practically every day of the year, will hardly leave you the energy to party in the evening!
Best period: all year, top from May to September.

Paracuru, Brazil

Across the ocean, north of Fortaleza, in the northeast of Brazil extends the Cearà region: a paradise made of sand, wind, lagoons, endless downwinds. Here one of the ideal spots is in Paracuru , a small village developed around surfing and kitesurfing. Every year from August to January the Quebramar beach draws an impressive number of kiters of all levels: from beginners who can learn in ideal conditions to the athletes who come here to train thanks to the wind practically guaranteed every day. Freshwater lagoons are ideal for freestyle maneuvers, but even the sea offers flat water conditions near the shore, while off the reef it is possible to find waves.
Best period: from August to December, top from September to November
Read more about Paracuru here

Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

A relatively new destination, discovered a few years ago and therefore still to be explored. Kalpitiya is an exotic destination but at a reasonable distance, with flights accessible even in high season and with excellent wind statistics. Sri Lanka has many kitesurf spots but kalpitiya also offers a huge super flat water lagoon and really constant winds. Here there are two seasons for kitesurfing: summer from May to October with wind guaranteed practically every day and temperatures around 30 ° and from December to March with barely cooler temperatures and slightly lower winds.
Best period: from June to September

Guadalupe, France

The Caribbean always deserves a vacation and among the multitude of islands available there is plenty of choice with spots for all levels and for all tastes, from surf lovers to those looking for flat water (Just think of Turkos and Caicos, Barbados etc). Guadalupe, compared to other Caribbean islands, has the advantage of being particularly economically accessible thanks to flight offers at often incredible prices. Here there are spots like Le Saline or Club Med completely flat and even wave spots like Le Moule have a large reef-protected lagoon.
Best period: from December to April.
Find more info to organize your kitesurf trip to Guadalupe here .

Langebaan, South Africa

If you think that South Africa is just waves you are wrong. The huge lagoon of Langebaan, on the west coast, is a perfect spot for flat water, ideal for both beginners and pro-freestylers. Here constant and very consistent winds blow throughout our winter, from November to March, while temperatures remain between 25 and 28 degrees. A paradise to be discovered ... with a small sail!

Jambiani - Paje, Zanzibar

A giant lagoon of turquoise water surrounded by the coral reef on the island of spices. A tropical island to be explored with two seasons for kitesurfing: from June to September when the wind blows from the south east with intensities between 15 and 25 knots and from December to February when the wind blows from the north with intensity from 15 to 20 knots. In Zanzibar there are also many other spots and almost all of them are characterized by lagoons sheltered from the reef which is about one km on average (with a notable difference between high and low tide.

Other ideas? In fact 10 spots are few ... the more I write the more I can think of other fantastic spots with flat water that I missed. Any other ideas? The luxurious atolls of South Male at the Maldives to visit between May and October, Los Roques in Venezuela, the island of Aruba, Borocay in the Philippines ...

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