Kitesurfing in Guadalupe

Tips to organize your kite trip in the French Caribbean island

Guadaloupe is an ideal destination for a paradisiacal winter kitesurf trip, and now I'll explain why. 

Guadalupe, or rather the archipelago of Guadalupe is a group of islands whose two main ones: Basse Terre and Grande Terre, resemble a butterfly if seen from above. Basse Terre is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and is dominated by a high volcano, Grande Terre is the flatter and above all more exposed to Atlantic perturbations, so it is the ideal destination for surfing or kitesurfing. Both are covered with lush vegetation, fruit trees everywhere and streams where you can swim. The beaches are more beautiful than the other. You can find black sand beaches and fine white sand beaches like talcum powder, absolutely flat turquoise water and truly remarkable waves.

Conditions for kitesurfing

The best conditions for kitesurfing in Guadeloupe are from December to June . The climate is tropical and therefore always warm and rather humid, however there are two seasons: a drier season from December to June and a wetter one from late June to November. Even during the dry season the rains are still frequent, but hardly last long. Also in the period from August to October the island is subject to the passage of tropical hurricanes, although they are not so frequent. The trade winds blow from the east on the island from December to June and are responsible for the drier and cooler climate. They are rather light winds, whose intensity generally remains between 14 and 20 knots, so a large sail in a suitcase can be useful.

The temperatures are always excellent. You will not need a wetsuit and only occasionally a sweatshirt may be needed in the evening.

Kitesurf spot 

As already mentioned the main kitesurfing spots are in Grande Terre. 

Bois Joulan is the main spot, the island's kite beach, so it is also the most crowded spot. It is a lagoon with a sandy bottom almost everywhere, so the spot is also suitable for beginners and freestyle lovers, as inside the reef you will find flat water. The reef borders the lagoon, but it can pass over almost anywhere without problems. Attention must be paid to the leeward reef, where it is easy to get caught up in the waves and in some upwind or low tide points. The waves outside the lagoon can also be of good measure.

Club Med  the spot is just south of Bois Joulan and it is another very easy spot that is also suitable for beginners. Also in this case it is a lagoon with a sandy bottom bordered by the reef. The spot is right on one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, where palm trees stretch out to the sea, touching the white sand, although unfortunately it is often very crowded. Here, outside the lagoon there are 3 peaks. The two on the right are more dangerous because they tend to carry on the reef. The one on the left, however, has no dangers, but a long haul is needed to reach it ... this is why many arrive downwind from Bois Joulan.

Le Saline is a spot a little further south. It is accessed through dense vegetation. The beach is narrow but long. It is a rather wide bay with shallow, flat, crystalline water and without even a small chop. Nearly 500 meters from the beach, there is a reef bank with about 50cm of water on it. It is a rock platform covered with sand and algae and therefore very soft and without danger.
On the right of the spot there is a peak on the reef with some very easy and amusing rights, without any danger of touching below.

Saint Francois  more than a spot is a lagoon full of boats ... definitely not feasible.

The mold is a spot that is located on the beach of Les Alizés, shortly after the fishing port. Arriving from the road that descends from above you can see the waves outside the reef. The beach is long but the space to raise the sail is not large due to the palm trees. Here the trade wind enters side / side-off. Inside the reef there is a large lagoon with flat water. Off the reef there are imposing, long and soft lefts that easily overcome the head and beyond. Unfortunately the waves are not easily accessible because to exit the reef it is necessary to put one of the 4 passages in the reef with millimeter precision, marked by flags. If you miss the last one for some reason (because the wind has dropped or otherwise) end of the games. More than one local had to give up the

The ailet le caret  is a small patch of sand in the middle of the sea, one of many, inhabited by a dozen coconuts and a few tufts of grass. It can be reached by boat by sea, you can also ask the fishermen to bring you after having agreed the price. The tiny islet is a truly spectacular kitesurf spot ... it deserves even just for the photos!

Where to stay

Most of the pots are around Saint Anne , so my advice is to look for a house or hotel around here. There are really accommodations for all budgets: luxury resorts or simple apartments. Moreover Saint Anne is a pretty town and in a rather convenient location to visit the rest of the island.


Air France offers excellent connections from Paris. Be aware that in Paris there is a change of airport: one usually arrives at Charles de Gaulle and leaves Orly. The ticket for the bus that takes you from one airport to another in less than an hour is included in your flight ticket but it is up to you to request it at the desk. Air France also generally does not apply any extras for the transport of your sports equipment, as long as it is within the baggage allowance.

Useful Info

To go to Guadalupe you don't need a passport as it is France, and therefore Europe to all effects. The currency is the euro, the language is French. You don't even need extra health insurance.
To move, it is advisable to rent a car.

Families and children

Guadalupe is an ideal destination for a family vacation or with children of all ages. Quiet, safe and absolutely in line with European standards. A piece of France in the middle of the Caribbean ...

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