If you are thinking of a kitesurf trip in Portugal this guide to the main kitesurfing spots in the Lisbon area will surely be useful. Here is a list of the main kitesurfing spots in Portugal in the Lisbon area and some considerations on weather and winds to help you better organize your kitesurfing holidays.



The area around Lisbon is probably the best option for those wishing to organize a kitesurf trip in Portugal in the summer. Here is the symbolic spot of kitesurfing in Portugal, the Guincho, and the whole region is characterized by an excellent wind frequency that generally in the summer blows from the north, north west, taking the name of Nortada. Very often then the Nortada is added to the local thermals, giving excellent conditions for kitesurfing. Unlike what one might think here, there are not only spots for waveriding experts, like Guincho, but also spots where the conditions are almost always flat or small, like at Fonte da Telha.
Pay attention to the temperature of the water, which in the summer generally remains between 17 ° and 19 ° ... cold, very cold. A 3/2 wetsuit is almost always good in the summer, even if some days a 4/3 is definitely more comfortable.


Praia do Guincho is the # 1 kitesurf spot in Portugal, the kitesurfing mecca, when we talk about wave. At about 40km from Lisbon the Guincho is a wide and scenic beach bathed by powerful waves and exposed to winds more than any other beach in Portugal. From May to September the locals say that if the sun is shining, the Guincho is windy, even if in the rest of Portugal no leaf moves. And they are right. A particular mix of thermal winds, spot conformation and weather conditions mean that the Guincho throughout the summer is practically a certainty. Wind intensity is generally between 15 and 25 knots, but can easily touch 40 knots. The prevailing direction is from North, North-West. The best months for kitesurfing are July and August, but in principle all summer,
This is the point of Portugal with greater probability and wind intensity in the summer. As you move away from here, both north and south, the wind decreases in intensity.
The Guincho is certainly not a spot for flat water lovers. Here it is easy to find a couple of meters of wave, which can be very puita if the wind comes more from the north, a little more choppy when the direction is more from the sea. When the wave is big it's not a beginner's spot ... and often the wave is big.
Beware of rocks in the middle of the spot ... they are nicknamed Gozzilla! 
Fonte da Telha and the nearby Nova Vaga are a great alternative when the wind is too strong or too much from the west.
Live webcam here


About 10 km south of Lisbon, shortly after crossing the bridge on April 25 in a southerly direction, we find a boundless stretch of sand that extends for about 20 km from Costa da Caparica to Fonte de Telha and beyond and it is here that you find another excellent kitesurf spot in Portugal. Costa di Caparica is a fairly crowded tourist resort in the summer and also frequented by surfers. The main spot is in Fonte da Telha, a little further south. This is a generally less crowded location, weekends excluded. Here, from June to September, almost every afternoon a decent temperature rises that easily reaches 20 knots. The wind blows mainly from the North NW. In terms of wind frequency and intensity this spot is not at all according to the Guincho, on the contrary it enjoys decidedly similar wind conditions. Unlike the Praia do Guincho, however, the waves here are hardly imposing, indeed it is a very often completely flat spot or at least not too choppy. A truly boundless spot where to sail as far as the eye can see, ideal for beginners, freestylers and in general for any level.
A real gem is the tourist train that connects Costa de Caparica to Finte de Telha along the beach. If you are in Fonte de Telha you can get on the train with your equipment, get off at Costa di Caparica and from there enjoy a beautiful downwind. 


About 6 km south of Fonte da Telha is the Albufeira Lagoon, a large lagoon divided by the sea from the beach. Despite being close enough to Fonte da Telha, it takes about 40 minutes to get from one spot to another by car because the road passes inside. If you are in Fonte da Telha it is much more comfortable to go downwind and then climb the wind up to Fonte da Telha.
The lagoon is a very popular spot for all freestyle lovers, but also for beginners.
At low tide the space is reduced a lot and outcrops here and there of sand. Better at high tide.


Just north of Guincho, in the Sintra Cascais natural park, there is another of the most famous kitesurfing spots in the surroundings of Lisbon: Praia Grande. Also in this case, as in the case of fonte de telha it is a spot that in summer is characterized by good thermals that generally blow from the afternoon until evening, perhaps with an intensity and a frequency a little lower than the two spots over it.
Compared to the Guincho, the spot is much wider, devoid of rocks and generally less crowded, making it much more suitable for beginners.



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