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Are you planning a holiday in Lanzarote and are you thinking of taking advantage of this opportunity to learn kitesurfing too? Well, this is a great idea. 

In Lanzarote there are many kitesurfing schools to choose from for attending a course and learning this sport. In addition, the beach of Famara, where most schools perform kitesurfing courses for beginners, is perfect for the first lessons because, especially at low tide, you will have plenty of space and no obstacles on the beach: no umbrellas, few people, soft sand. 

The best time to take a kitesurf course in Lanzarote is from spring to summer, when the probability of finding wind is higher. Also in summer the waves are much smaller and this will help you when you get to try your first departures.

Here is the complete list of all the Kitesurf schools of Famara, in Lanzarote.

Lanzarote kite is the kitesurfing school of Alessandro Lovo, one of the first open in Famara. Here Alessandro and his team teach, in addition to kitesurfing, Surf and Sup, they organize camps, excursions, MTB, ebike rentals, advanced courses and much more. The instructors are mostly Italian, but they obviously also speak other languages. Each instructor teaches a maximum of 3 students.
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Zoo Park Famara is an IKO school that offers kitesurfing courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced in the fabulous scenery of Famara beach. The school offers the possibility to choose between packages of different duration, according to their preferences and each instructor follows a maximum of 2 students. The courses are taught in Spanish, English, Russian, Polish. The school also offers camps, multisport packages, surf courses, sup, excursions etc.
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Costanoroeste is an IKO affiliated school and Naish Pro Center. In addition to kitesurfing courses, the school offers surf and yoga classes, excursions, camps and multisport packages. Kitesurfing courses are taught in English and Spanish.
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Waterman Lanzarote is a kitesurf and surf school born from the passion for water sports and for Lanzarote of its founder, Toni, and from the collaboration with the WainmanHawaii brand. The courses are taught mainly in Spanish and English.
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Calima Surf is a famara based surf and kitesurf school. It offers kitesurfing courses for beginners and other activities such as multi-sport camps, excursions etc. The instructors are mostly Spanish or Canarians so the lessons take place mainly in Spanish or English.
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Volcano Kite is a surf and kitesurf school located in Famara, Lanzarote. It offers single lessons or packages of 3 or 5 lessons to get closer to kitesurfing. It also offers camps and multisport packages. Lessons take place mainly in Spanish or English.
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Kalufa Surf School is a surf school based in the famous Santa surf spot of Lanzarote and Famara. The school organizes kitesurfing courses on the famara beach. Each instructor follows a maximum of 4 students. The courses are in English and Spanish.
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