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guide to kitesurfing spots on the island of Kos

Kos is the third largest island of the Dodecanese, after Rhodes and Karpathos, long (about 45km) and narrow, its territory is mostly flat.

Kos is a destination that can represent an excellent compromise for your holidays with non-kiters partners. It is close enough and a bit like all of Greece is a fairly low-cost destination. In Kos there is a good chance of leaving almost all of the coast except the south. Kos, like the other Greek islands, in the summer, moves to the Meltemi that enters from the quadrants between NW and NE with intensities even up to 35 knots. However, when meltemi does not enter there is a good chance of exploiting the thermal winds.

To the west there are small pebble beaches, deserted, without (or almost) services, I would say suitable for those who are decidedly independent.

The northern coast offers the greatest possibilities. The northern part of the island is also the one most beaten by wind and waves and has more crystalline bottoms than the southern one. Here is a short list of the main commercials

Kohiliari (Kefalos):  a beautiful long sandy beach bordered by dunes, without accommodation facilities and with a Greek / Dutch managed Kite center. Low depths up to 50 meters and even more from the shore. Thermal wind from W - NW 12/18 knots or the mythical meltemi that enters from the quadrants between NW and NE with intensity up to 35 knots.

Mastihari with smaller beaches in depth but always very long, the length is however interrupted by areas equipped with umbrellas and consequently Bathers. The winds are the same as those of Kohiliari but the thermal loses something. A kite center near the Hotel Marmari Palace, the Italian-run "Beppe" center about 3 km east of Mastihari. In the water you touch up to about 20 meters from the shore, but it depends on where you exit.

Marmari is located continuing eastwards the characteristics are the same as Mastihari, but the number of bathers and umbrellas increases, there is a German-run kite center. I didn't go out on this spot.

Tigaki beach , the exit area borders the salt pan, also in this case the winds are the same, as is the exposure. The environment is much more natural, even here the sand dunes border the beach which is shallow but very long. The beach is free there are no kite centers, there are bathers (in mid-July there were few).

Psalidi is located on the east coast, I have not visited but it is a viable spot, there is a windsurfing center, maybe even kite. Why not? :)

We eat well, but definitely better outside the tourist centers. Fish can be frozen or farmed is not always fished. If you want the catch, ask for it the day before, maybe they'll get you a nice red snapper or whatever they call Dente Doro (?!?) Which I found exquisite.

The islanders are social and honest.


Autore: Vale

Ho incontrato il kitesurf nel 2002 ed è subito stato amore. Qualche anno dopo mi sono avvicinata anche al surf. Quando sono in acqua sono felice e se sei su questo sito probabilmente sai già di cosa sto parlando. Ci vediamo in acqua.