Weather, wind statistics and best time on Lanzarote

Timing when organizing a vacation is always very important, but it is even more so when it comes to kitesurfing. Finding out about the climate of a destination and reading the statistical data on the wind is the minimum necessary to organize yourself in the best way, even if, unfortunately, meteorology is not an exact science and no one, not even a windfinder, can ever make sure 7 days a week of wind!

Lanzarote, like all the Canary Islands, is considered a destination that is valid for the whole year, but the probability of finding wind or quality waves is not always the same but rather varies considerably during the year.

In principle, the best time for kitesurfing is summer, but let's take a closer look at Lanzarote's climate and wind statistics.

The climate of Lanzarote is conditioned by the trade winds. The trade winds blow in the northern hemisphere from about 30 ° parallel to the equator following the direction from north-east to south-west; while their behavior is mirrored in the southern hemisphere. The trade winds that blow over the Canary Islands originate at the Azores anticyclone. These winds blow all year round, what varies is the intensity that is closely related to the position of the anticyclone. The average intensity of these winds is in fact around 15 knots, but special conditions mean that they can blow even more intensely.

The trade winds reach their maximum intensity in summer and in particular in July. The months of June and August follow closely, with statistics only slightly lower, while from October to December the trade winds become lighter. This does not mean that in winter there are no consistent wind days, but certainly less frequently than in summer. 

Another wind occasionally blows in Lanzarote: the Calima, a warm and dry wind coming from the African desert, then from the southeast. Generally this wind blows for a couple of consecutive days bringing with it clouds of sand and scorching heat. In summer it can bring temperatures even over 45 °, while in winter over 30 °. In recent years it seems that it is more and more frequent and in fact we have also found it several times, but fortunately more often in winter than in summer. Generally it is an extremely gusty wind and difficult to exploit for kitesurfing on the famara beach, better to move to the beaches to the east of the island. 

The windiest months in Lanzarote are therefore those of spring and summer.  July is the TOP month for the wind: in July for almost all the days the wind exceeds Forza 4, there are almost 70% of days with wind over Force 5 and almost 30% of days with wind over Force 6.  I less windy months than autumn , October in the lead, while from December the wind is blowing again quite frequently. The dominant wind direction is from the northeast, occasionally from the southeast.

In conclusion, what is the best time for a kitesurf trip in Lanzarote? Undoubtedly July, but all spring and summer until August are excellent months. September, October and November are the least windy months and therefore the only ones to avoid for a vacation dedicated exclusively to kitesurfing. The weather is again favorable for the kite from December, so Lanzarote can indeed be a great destination to break our winter with a bit of sun without having to fly very far.

As for the temperatures, we have already seen that the climate is dominated by the trade winds. This means that in summer the temperatures are never torrid. On the other hand, the latitude guarantees mild temperatures in winter. What does this mean in practice? In December-January, daytime temperatures are often around 20 °, but can easily reach 25 °. In the evening the temperatures can drop to 16 °. In summer they are kept at 27 ° during the day and 22 ° in the evening. The ocean water is always quite cold: around 17-18 ° in winter and 22 ° in summer. This is why a wetsuit is always needed. In winter a good 3/2 or even a 4/3 for the coldest and windiest days. In summer, a 2mm lycra may be enough, but taking a shorty with you is also not a bad idea.



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