Long Island vs Carver surfskate

Truck and surfskate compared: which one to buy?

What is the best Surfskate? Carver? Maybe yes maybe no. In reality it's not that simple because Carver undoubtedly produces exceptional, well-designed, well-assembled and long-lasting surfskates, but it is not the only surfskate manufacturer and the alternatives are more and more and more and more aggressive. There are many brands and many models and it is important to know all the characteristics well to make a choice that is as in line as possible with your expectations, your tastes and what you want to do with the new surfskate.

In this post we have decided to compare the surfskates of two brands that we love very much and that are more alike than many think: Carver and Long Island. 

Carver is an American brand, inventor and reference point of the surfskate. Carver surfskates are developed, built and assembled in California at the factory in LA County.

Long Island  is a Spanish brand. The surfskates are produced in the HLC distribution Factory (the same as Yow, PlanB and many other successful brands), located in the Basque Country and which is the largest European skate factory.

As we know Carver has 2 different trucks: CX and C7. For our comparison we will examine the CX truck.


The Truck CX Carver (in the photo darker gray) is now the undisputed reference point for this type of trucks for surfskate. A very efficient system, quite light and versatile. It is a very simple and at the same time performing reverse kingpin truck. The CX truck is composed of a pin and bushing that determine the twist and response. A nut on the end of the pin allows you to loosen or tighten the system. The bushing can be replaced to obtain a softer or stiffer feeling, also according to the rider's weight, as well as his style of course.

In the factory setting, almost all carvers come with the standard 89A bushing 

The Long Island Freedom Truck (the lighter gray one in the photos) is an incredibly similar system to Carver's CX truck. Unlike the CX Carver truck it has double holes on the plate, so it is possible to move it further forward or further back by 1 cm, varying the wheelbase of the skate by about 1 inch in total since this option is present on both the front and rear trucks. 

Measurements: The Truck Carver CX is 6.5 inches 160mm. The Truck Freedom LI is 160mm.

Weight:  The Truck Carver CX weighs 419 gr. The LI Freedom Truck weighs 435 g 

The rear trucks are similar in both geometries and sizes. 

Riser:  The front and rear Carver trucks are normally assembled on 2 thicknesses, risers, 0.5mm each, for a total of 1cm.
Long Island, on the other hand, uses a single 0.5mm riser (one in front and one behind).



BEARINGS: both Carver and Long Island have Abec 7 bearings


For the wheels, on the other hand, the speech is a little longer because both Carver and Long Island assemble the different models with different wheels.

Carver offers a range of 9 types of wheels, even if the most used models are two or three. It starts with the smallest 58mm diameter and hard wheels (98A), suitable for street models, to the brand new large 75mm diameter wheels in Ecothane and 81A. In the middle there are the most used that is the Roundhouse 70mm 78a, both normal and concave.

Long Island mounts 62 or 66mm wheels on its surfskate in hardnesses ranging from 78 to 84 A. The most used are the 66mm 82A. Of course it is always possible to mount larger wheels, but in that case it is good to add a second riser.

What changes and how to choose the wheels?

Generally, larger wheels give more inertia, smoothness and speed. Smaller wheels accelerate earlier but reach lower speeds. Softer wheels absorb vibrations more.  

Both Carver and Long Island decks are 7-ply sturdy Canadian maple.

As for the models, Carver has a really wide range with decks for all tastes and for all rider characteristics. From tablets just 28 inches long, perfect for kids or for use in the city and on the flat, up to a model up to 36.5 inches long. Most models however stand at around 31 inches in length. 
Some of the shapes are made in collaboration with All Merrick, Lost or with professional surfers.
Some models are distinguished by particular types of concave, very accentuated, which allows you to give greater thrust with the feet.

Long Island also has a very wide range of surfskates which currently includes 12 models with sizes ranging from 29.5 to 34 inches. In addition, some models have a more pronounced concave.


As for the Price, the cheapest Carver models with CX trucks start at € 311 while the Long Island surfskates cost € 179 


At this point you are probably wondering which one is worth buying and which of the two skates is better! We will try to give you some more information to help you decide.

The Trucks of the Carver and Long Island surfskates are really very, very similar in size, geometry, rotation angle and feeling. Generally speaking, the Long Island truck has a softer feeling under the feet .. (but of course it is always possible to soften the Carver CX too, greasing them a little or replacing the bushing). 

The wheels fitted by default on Long Island are usually a bit smaller. Clearly it is possible to mount them larger, but remembering to add a riser, otherwise they touch.

Graphics: this is such a subjective aspect that it is difficult to express oneself. The graphics of the Long Island decks tend to be a bit retro ... if you like the genre there are some beautiful boards. Carver has so much something for everyone that it's easy to be spoiled for choice. 

Build quality: Long Island, while costing much less than Carver, are still quality surfskates. The impression of holding them in your hands and under your feet is good. Well-finished details, precise assembly. Despite this, the impression is that in the long run the decks and especially the grip carver can have greater durability and resistance. 

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