Maggie Pescetto tells us about her Olympic dream

Maggie Pescetto, 20 years old, champion of Kitesurf hydrofoil, member of the Italian Yacht Club, dreams of the 2024 Paris Olympics in the relay with Mario Calbucci from Romagna.

The Mixed Kiteboarding competition will be one of the novelties of the 2024 Olympics, one of the fastest events of the Olympic Games, requiring speed, precision and teamwork in short and intense races. The format is that of the Short Track Relay, a sort of male - female relay, new and unprecedented and promises to be very adrenaline-pumping.

Today we had the opportunity to have a chat with Maggie Pescetto, a sunny, tenacious and incredibly humble girl. One of the girls who are training hard to compete in the Games ... this interview came out which we suggest you read, waiting to see her in the competition !.

Hi Maggie, tell us what your life was like before kitesurfing, what did you do?

I have always been passionate about sports, in fact before kitesurfing I liked to try everything: artistic gymnastics, athletics, basketball, and above all volleyball which I did for 11 years.
As for the study, on the other hand, I attended the Eugenio Montale linguistic high school and now I am in the second year of the three-year course at IULM in Milan where I study public relations and business management.

When did you first approach kitesurfing? Can you tell us how it went?

I remember my first approach to kitesurfing very well: I was about 14 years old and I was on vacation with my family in Calabria, in Gizzeria lido, on a beach known for its easy and constant wind where courses were held especially for beginners. kitesurfing. My dad had started taking the course and I was very intrigued, in fact I remember that while he was doing the lessons I would sit on the beach to look and try to understand how kites work. My dad, noticing my interest, offered me the opportunity to try the basic course and I was in a rush of adrenaline. The first day they let me try, I remember that I was very afraid because it was a new sensation, but over time I gained confidence and realized that there was no need to be afraid because I had control of the kite.

And how was the passion for hydrofoil born and when?

I approached the hydrofoil discipline in 2019, when I was 18. I had recently finished competing in the TT: R discipline and I was a little confused about what I would do next. Fortunately, the federation organized a gathering for athletes from the youth national team where they made available the necessary equipment to approach and test the new discipline. It was very scary because this discipline reaches much higher speeds than twin tip racing so I was initially very hesitant.
After this experience, I spent a month in Mauritius in a kite school specializing in hydrofoil called "specialized kiteboarding" where they taught me the basics necessary to have control and to manage the new drift. In that month I understood the beauty of this sport; I remember a particular moment, when the sun was setting, I was alone in the water and there was an incredible tranquility, I was finally sailing without fear and I felt like I was flying.

Tell us a little about your specialty ... how fast do you navigate? With how much wind?

This discipline was born based on the light wind, in fact my favorite conditions are precisely those ranging from 10 to 15 knots, even if we often sail in strong winds, especially in regattas where it can happen to compete in extreme conditions with 30+ knots . The speeds vary a lot, but this drift is among the fastest there are, reaching even +40 knots of speed, which is why the regattas last about 15 minutes compared to other boats where they take place in an apparently more static way.

Aren't you afraid of going so fast practically suspended in the air?

There are times when I happen to be a little scared when I am in strong and gusty wind, but in the end one of the peculiarities that makes this sport beautiful is speed. You just have to learn to control it and manage it better.

Was there a time when you said "I get hurt here, I better stop"?

I have always been a girl a little fearful and rather cautious, which was not very helpful especially at the beginning when I was still learning to navigate, I often fell and thought that this was not for me, but then I I realized that only by falling does one improve and that even the best fall and this gave me, and still gives me the motivation to keep trying. Falls are on the agenda.

Right now you are training for the Paris 2024 Olympics, right?

Yes, at this moment my dream but above all the goal is to get to the 2024 Olympics, and I intend to keep trying because I care very much and it would mean a lot for me to represent my nation in such an important event.

How much do you train? How long have you been training, with whom, where ...

Thanks to the great passion I have always had for this sport, I have always dedicated myself with great commitment to training. Now, as the three-year Olympic period finally begins, I am organizing myself for more structured training. For about two weeks I stay in Sardinia training with Mario Calbucci, who is also a YCI member.
Now we will base here up to the national team in Chia, and then we will move depending on the conditions and events scheduled.
We have many things in mind, between regattas and training we aim to grow and improve a lot together especially thanks to those who support us and help us every day in particular the Italian Yacht Club of Genoa which allows us to stay two months here in Cagliari to train with dinghy assistance in preparation for the first National event on 13 and 14 March in Chia

Good luck Maggie !!!

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