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In a discipline such as hydrofoil which has experienced soaring growth in recent years, Moses Hydrofoil has been a reference point from the beginning. One of the top brands in the hydrofoil sector both in Italy and abroad. For this reason we really enjoyed chatting with Jimmy Mazzanti, sales manager of Moses hydrofoil, in an attempt to discover some background, take stock of kite foiling and find out how they see the future of foiling in Moses ... enjoy the reading!

Hi Jimmy, today we have the pleasure of having a chat with you about Moses HydroFoil, a name that is synonymous with hydrofoil. Introducing yourself is perhaps superfluous, because very few people in the industry don't know you ... but I ask you anyway to tell us a few words about you.  
My name is Jimmy Mazzanti and I have always lived on watersports. At the end of the 90s, I was lucky enough to be able to turn my passion into work, with managerial roles in companies like Slingshot, Mystic and from December 2015, Moses hydrofoils.  
Moses Hydrofoil is today one of the top hydrofoil brands. An all-Italian company but known and established also abroad. Can you briefly tell us the story of Moses Hydrofoil? What is their background, how, when and why they started developing hydrofoil.   
Moses Hydrofoil was born thanks to the passion of Ruben Panzavolta in 2008, still present in the company as a production department manager. With the acquisition of the brand by SAB Italy, in 2014 there is a step from a small artisan brand to a global reality. 25 years of experience in composite materials and in the design of carbon helicopter paddles combined with 10 years of hydrofoil design have allowed SAB and its engineers to bring to the market products that are extremely innovative and qualitative. All 100% Italian starting from the carbon fabric to end up with the screws, our new Romagnola factory where we produce exclusively hydrofoil is 4.0 certified. Today thanks to the "madness" of 2 entrepreneurs like Baiardi and Bernabei, owners of SAB Italy,  

Is it more difficult for an Italian company to establish itself in the water sports sector?   
I would say the opposite, the World recognizes the productive and economic effort to be totally made in Italy. Italy is synonymous with quality and design everywhere.   
Moses has been producing Hydrofoil for almost 10 years, so we could call you pioneers ... what has changed in these years? Have we already reached maturity in this sector or are there still margins of technological development?   

The company mission is to continue to bring innovation and make every day spent on the water a better day. The margins of growth in design and technology can always be improved. Non stop R&D for us at Moses hydrofoil is not a slogan but a spur to do better.  

Today Moses produces Foils for Surf, Sup, Windsurf and Kitesurf. In which of these sports do you see more room for development?   
The margin of development is the same for all disciplines, the real difference lies in the practitioners. Kiter and Windsurfer together are surfers in the world well over a hundred times. What you must have in mind is, as my friend Tony Logosz says: " The big picture is Freeride "   

For kitesurfing, Moses hydrofoil currently offers various complete kits, in addition to the possible customizations by choosing the components individually. What features are important when we go to buy a foil. Which would you recommend to approach this discipline? And what is your Best Seller instead.  
Currently our proposal includes drifts of 6 different heights, seven soon because it is my intention to propose an 81 in the range to close the gap between the short and the fluent. 6 different front wings and 4 stabilizers, this for the Kitesurf discipline only. Clear that while on the one hand the breadth of the range can generate indecision in the purchase, on the other it leaves the rider complete freedom of choice based on his level and the spot. For example, the 71 comes from a specific request of our US distributor but many are the spots where the height of the water is sometimes not enough for a 101. Everything in Moses hydrofoil range is interchangeable and allows the customer to be able to customize their own kit in the future if not immediately. Personal needs and goals change,
The hydrofoil that best fits a neophyte's use is our short 71.
Best seller Fluent easy, Onda kite and Vorace GT. The advice is to contact a retailer. After an initial reticence, there are now many professionals who can suggest a targeted purchase also thanks to clinics organized at our office  

Let's talk about materials. Aluminum foils are increasingly common. What are the pros and cons of an Alu Foil and a Carbon Foil?    
The advantage of an aluminum foil is clearly the cost of the drift, derisory if produced on an industrial level as a bar to be subsequently cut in different lengths. The cons are weight, flexion and torsion. In order to give a stiffness in decent bending it is absolutely necessary to increase the thickness of the drawn material and this involves a weight increase of at least 3 times compared to an equivalent drift in carbon. The problem is that hydrofoil is an exponential learning sport. A mid-level rider will end up with a bowed drift. Our Fluent, defined by several parties, experienced riders and sector magazines, as best value for money on the market, has a price of only 1340 euros to the public which is not so far from a product with aluminum mast, wings and stabilizer obtained in fusion with small percentages of carbon. For those who come from windsurfing I suggest thinking about the difference between an aluminum shaft, a Carbon 30 and a full carbon.    


And the table? How important is it and what features should it have?   
The board up to an intermediate / advanced level has great importance, after which it must only be suitable for the discipline. The shape has now conformed, being able to distinguish 3 categories: Race / freeride and pocket, the latter will be the trend of 2019, see our current T38 and soon the T 28  
Once the scoop line is correct, the maximum width at the front straps or a little further, the tail fairing flat to facilitate detachment from the water, the most important factor becomes the weight. The lighter it is, the better.  

How do you see the future? Will the foil be imposed only in competitions and in the lightwind sector or will it spread more and more, perhaps to the detriment of other disciplines?  

The Foil was the future when the AC72 showed us how to navigate at 25 knots upwind, with unimaginable angles and over 40 in the San Francisco bay. It was the summer of 2013. Today the foil is the present of any rider of any discipline simply because it multiplies the fun by enormously expanding the conditions at lower costs. The hydrofoil is freeride, freestyle, simple cruising, wave and only for the last race.    

And at a price level? Will the strong expansion of this discipline bring any advantage to buyers?  

The advantages for the buyers are already evident, difficult to go down again giving quality. Clear that if I call carbon a painted glass everything becomes possible. One of our Vorace 101 GTs in high modulus carbon comes out to the public at 1690 euros, an Onda 91 at 1490 and in freeride optics with 8/10 knots allows you to sail at 18/25 knots with a normal 10 meter pump wing. Now what does a 17 or 14 cost? Similarly with 8 knots and a foil windsurfing, a camberless 7, 7.5 sail outperforming a formula with a 12.5, I do not ask you what a carbon mast for a 12 with its boom costs.


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