Naish GoTo 2019

Directional surfboard all-around wave

Table:  Naish Go-To 2019

Measure:  5.6 x 18 3/4 x 2 1/4
Volume 23.6 liters

Test conditions:  Libeccio a calambrone: onshore wind at 20 knots, chop, small wave.

Naish Go-To features

The GoTo is the intermediate wave surfboard of the Naish range, the link between the Global (performance wave) and the Skater (freeride and freestyle). A slightly easier version of Global, made for those days of non-perfect wave (so 99% in our Mediterranean). 
An Outline a little wider, tail wider, less pronounced rocker, single concave and 3 fins.

Beautiful Pro Sandwich construction, light and durable

Available in 5.6 or 5.9, we have tried 5.6

Supplied as standard with rear pad. There are holes for the straps.


How's the Go To 2019?

In the water you immediately realize that the Go To plana really very soon. 
Under your feet you immediately feel it as a super stable, fluid and comfortable table. 

In gait, even in the really confused and choppy sea conditions, the GoTo does not squirt is easy to control and you stop thinking about it soon, as if you had always had it under your feet.
Finding the right center of gravity and gait position is immediate, also thanks to the rather small size. 

At any time, from jibing to tacking, the Go To is characterized by an incredible stability, certainly due also to the width.

Great stability and easy gliding make you believe you have a much bigger board under your feet. But the measurements are well balanced and it is never cumbersome, indeed the 5.6 is super handy and fast.

On the waves the Go-To makes you set some beautiful continuous, fluid, precise carvings. You can relax with wide carvings or move your back foot on the tail and push up to slash for a more radical and aggressive style.
Its center of gravity shifted towards the bow helps a lot not to sink the tip, while the stern is wide enough not to sink even in case of weight a little too far back. This makes it easy to exit the curves with speed.
The rails are quite bulky, but they still fit well on the wall.
On paper it is designed for medium to small waves ... but it is always good to remember that for riders and shaper the medium-small waves easily reach the head!  

Beautiful and easy to handle even in freestyle strapless, thanks to its lightweight construction it is easy to take off. A bit stiff on landings.


In conclusion a nice surprise. We recommend it to anyone who is approaching the use of the surf, even as a first directional board, but above all to those who want to progress and have some fun in all conditions.
The fins didn't convince us much.
The 5.6 is good for riders up to about 80kg

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Naish Slash 2020

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