The allround test for 99% of kiters

Kite: Naish Triad 2020

Size: 8sqm

Test conditions:  several days with light winds (from 14 to about 18 knots) during our kite trip in Tarifa plus some days of strong wind (20 - 25 knots)

Naish Triad 2020 features

The Triad appeared for the first time last year on the market is the link between the Pivot (kite freeride-wave) and the Dash (freeride-freestyle kite). A kite born with the aim of combining the top performance in the jumps and hangtime of the Pivot with the fast and direct management of the Dash and which promises to satisfy 99% of the kiters. The Triad is a kite with three struts, with medium-low AR, fairly short bridles on the fronts and a single pulley.
Pressure regulation on the tip: Soft - Medium - Hard.
Sturdy beautiful materials like the Quad Tex Ripstop Fabric and very well-finished finishes. 
Inflation from this year to the considerable pressure of 11PSI.
OnePump: the Triad has the Octopus system that is the internal onepump. The inflation is then done by the quick inflation valve but the individual struts deflate from the relative valves. This thing is not particularly convenient for us. On the positive side, even if the one pump is internal, there are quick access points to the valves for a possible replacement. 

How is the Triad 2020 going?

On the bar the Triad transmits an intermediate and extremely precise and direct pressure. A little lighter than both the Pivot and the Dash.
The first sensation you perceive by raising your kite is safety and total control. The feeling is immediate thanks to the fact that in the moment you know where the kite is. The perception of power is soft and progressive. You immediately feel it as a kite that is easy to drive through the window, fast enough and always ready to use.
Truly remarkable the stability in the air, even with very light wind the triad floats well and remains stable in flight. 
The response to the commands is very direct and quite fast.

In the air the kite remains nice and rigid, it does not flap, it does not deform under gust. In tread the Triad is appreciated for its stability combined with an easy and fluid running. The Triad is one of those "take and go" kites with which you don't need to break in to take confidence, as soon as you get up it's like having it in your hands, even though we didn't often use Naish kites.
The depower stroke is very long and this extends the range a lot. Added to this is that the Triad behaves really well even when it is completely weakened and there is practically no tension in the lines.
This translates into a truly remarkable wind range: with the 8sqm we were already planking with 15 knots and a twin tip and at 25 knots we still had a wide margin of depower, but above all always the same handling. The gusts are barely perceptible. The bowline is also excellent thanks to an excellent shot on the edge of the window. The water relaunch was also immediate. 


In terms of jumps, the Triad surprised us positively. We did not expect a similar push from this kite which proved to have excellent hangtime qualities.
Once in flight the Triad never abandons you, it is easy to control and always predictable.
If we compare it with the Pivot, it probably shoots a little less high but it is also easier to control, while compared to a freestyle kite it takes you in the air a little less fast and explosive, but it probably accompanies you further up and above all it assists you in landing even those times when the recall was not really perfect. 
Kiteloop and downloop are not aggressive: the triad turns fluid and rather tight giving a not too strong push. It probably won't satisfy the super-powerful megaloop lovers in the air, but it will appeal to those riders who want to get a feel for some fearless wing loops.
A little less well off the hook where it always keeps a little pressure on the bar. 


In wave the Triad fully confirmed our expectations. Excellent buoyancy in the air: even if you get carried away surfing a little onshore the Triad follows you without ever being too over the head. Predictable conduction and delivery of progressive power. Good response even when the kite is completely foiled. As for the freestyle strapless it is an excellent kite that supports you always accompanying you in the landing, easy to hold in position just where you need it.
The triad is not a fast kite and at certain times, especially surfing with onshore wind, we lacked a little speed. 


The Barra we had is the Torque ATB, so with a high depower. The other BTB version has low depower. We prefer the ATB as a matter of habit, but obviously de gustibus ...

The Torque 2020 Bar is a solid and functional bar that we liked very much and is absolutely at the height of the sail.

The bar is adjustable in width and gives the possibility to adjust the width. The Torque 55 bar can be adjusted from 45 to 51cm, depending on the size of the kite and your preferences.

The bar is in carbon and has a nice EVA shaped cover with a Memory core that makes it really comfortable to hold, even for a long time. Soft, not slippery and with a diameter neither too thin nor too wide. The floaters are integrated and made in composite.

Quick and easy release both for release and when to hang up. 

The standard leash is the short freeride leash.



In conclusion, the Triad is an easy and fun kite that always behaves in a very predictable way and gives confidence from the first edges. It is not among the fastest kites we have tried, but the prompt and direct response to the controls compensates for this. It is not the usual kite for beginners but a nice multi-purpose kite for anyone who wants to do a little of everything and without great renunciations. Excellent wind range, great stability, nice lift and nice power management. We really enjoyed it with the twint tip, but also in the freestyle strapless it behaved very well.
We would not recommend him only to those who often drop out or to those who have decided to run for the hangtime competitions (in that case better the Pivot or the Rebel). Apart from these riders, for all the others the Triad is a multi-purpose and permissive kite, easy in every situation and with an immediate feeling.
Recommended for both beginners and intermediates and experts looking for a kite to progress safely and try some new maneuver.  

The only thing we didn't like very much is the bag. Naish claims that it is convenient to put away the kite without deflating the bladders, according to us they could also do something more. 

In addition to us at, they tried sailing with their impressions: Luca @ Sapotour and the kiters who participated in the September 2019 kitetrip in Tarifa 

Here are some testers' opinions:

"Great beautiful sail. As soon as it was raised in the air it was like having always had it. Beautiful the lift. Safe, you want to try anything. You never need to think about it. It was a long time since I tried Naish and I was really impressed."  Grana

"Entertainment. Beautiful ... how much does it cost? I want one !!!"  Francis

"I start from the bar which I think is one of the best around: beautiful the bar, nice the grip, nice the depower. The sail is very easy, reactive, fun, with a nice progressive depower like the most modern wings. however to be recommended at entry level but also advanced who want to have fun with a quiet wing. " Luca

Thanks to @Sapotour for test collaboration. 

Buy the Naish Triad used for our discounted test in our shop. 


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