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Porto Pollo, Corsica

Uno spot di kitesurf facile e poco affollato

Corsica is an incredible island, with breathtaking landscapes, wild and proud to the point of still hiding gorges and peaks that may appear untouched despite all the tourists who visit it. I could dwell on pages and pages describing its wonders: from the granite peaks dotted with volcanic lakes where wild horses graze, to the rivers that dig deep gorges, from white beaches and crystal clear water to the rocky walls that plunge into the deeper waters, to his enigmatic and proud people like his land. The temptation is strong, but I will only advise you to discover them in first person ... naturally in the company of your sail! The region with the highest concentration of kitesurfing spots is Southern Corsica. The most famous are Porticcio, Porto Pollo, Figari, La Tonnara, Santa Manza, Piantarella, the Rondinara. The spots are numerous but with the arrival of the tourist season (July-August) their practicability is incredibly reduced, so much so that the only one that I can recommend to those who don't have a good level is Porto Pollo (eh, yes ... does not exist only in Sardinia !!! Porto Pollo is located on the West Coast, about 1 hour drive south of Ajaccio, just before Propriano. The village of the same name is really tiny: a supermarket, a couple of campsites, a pharmacy and some brasseries as well as a windsurfing school; furthermore Ajaccio is separated by a curvy road and Propriano, the nearest tourist center, is not exactly the most fashionable town on the island. Strange as it may seem, these are the greatest advantages of the commercial, that even in the middle of August it is always sufficiently calm and practicable, while in all the other beaches the prohibitions for kiters multiply. Porto Pollo is the ideal spot both for beginners and for those who want to practice all sorts of moves.


the beach can be reached from the dirt road in front of the pharmacy, along the campsite to the parking lot. Camping among other things is an excellent solution for those who are willing to make some sacrifices in order to be able to install themselves practically on the beach ... and after a few days they are guaranteed barbecues on the beach with other campers (mostly windsurfers). The beach is not very wide but it stretches across the bay and in case of lack of wind still allows long laps!


The waves are hardly noticeable in the summer season and mostly they are limited to a little chop


The wind that comes in better is the west but also the south-west and north-west. The west can easily reach 25 knots and often lasts several consecutive days. Even the thermal forms well. It is usually rather gusty winds, so it is not advisable to be overpowered. In the case of mistral it is advisable to go down to Propriano because here it remains wide and is very gusty, as well as almost from the ground. Probability of wind: what the locals tell us worked better some years ago ... in fact the last few times we were there we didn't find great conditions and the thermal doesn't work so much anymore ... anyway some node of reinforcement on the west in summer months does it.  


very important to consult with local people before going out. I local, like all the Courses are extremely kind ... if taken for the right way!

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