Prasonisi, Rodhes

Kitesurfing in Greece

Rhodes is a popular destination for kitesurfers thanks to good wind statistics in the summer months. Furthermore, Rhodes is undoubtedly an excellent destination for a summer vacation, able to get together kiters and others who may travel together. In short, a good compromise for everyone, close enough and even low cost! Rhodes offers a great variety of spots mainly on the north-western side, the one exposed to the Meltemi, but the spot par excellence of Rhodes is Prassonissi.

Prassonissi is the southernmost point of the island of Rhodes: a strip of sand that connects a small island to the mainland forming two bays. On the one hand the Mediterranean Sea, on the other the Aegean Sea, one calm, the other always moved because exposed to the meltemi, the famous Greek wind. 


Beautiful strip of sand that connects the mainland to the islet in front, forming two bays. Thanks to this conformation, there are two areas where you can surf: a windward with a beautiful wavy line in the vicinity of the islet and a totally flat slightly offside .. but anyway no safety problem and no rocks or other dangers, if not bathers. .. a fxxata! In winter at high tide the strip of sand may disappear completely.

On site there is a school that offers rental, assistance courses and everything you need.


The famous Meltemi is a wind that blows from the North West in the southern part of the Aegean near Rhodes. On average, force 4 or 5 can also reach strength 7. The spot allows for a thermal wind reinforcement and thanks to the conformation an acceleration due to the Venturi effect thus providing the best conditions available on the island.

Regulations and dangers:
Attention, there may be delimitations of the kite area / windsurf area and time limitations x the exit x the presence of the school
In summer it can be very crowded.

How to get 

There are many low cost airlines that fly to Rhodes from several Italian airports, including Ryanair. Give skyscanner an okkiata to find a cheap flight.
Arrived in Rhodes the spot is "at the bottom" in Rhodes at about 80 km from the city, so no disco or reckless life nearby. The nearest night "vent" point is Lindos at ca. 40 km. However, a lot of surfers stop to sleep on the spot, so grilling music and the Okkio soil that everyone thinks is crazy !! I recommend paying attention to the distances: the island is not small and the choice of the base point will be fundamental in order not to spend so much time in the car.

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