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San Vincenzo, Tuscany

San Vincenzo presents two types of spots: one in the far north of the country, excellent for windsurfing and kite, and the other behind a distributor near the center called Fognone, where you can practice surfing, both without major parking problems.

High pressure:
the thermal mistral appears immediately after the passage of a low pressure. The thermal sirocco if present when the high pressure becomes mature, that is when it is charged with humidity. Winter: the north wind comes perfectly to the side and offers beautiful exits.
Low pressure:
the sirocco is the best wind to attend this spot; the sea tends to be flat because the wind direction is often slightly off the ground.

How to get there:
on the Aurelia variant, take the San Vincenzo exit and head towards the free beach north of the waterfront.
Exit point: car parks on the waterfront north of the marina.
Concentration of practitioners: low.
Recommended routes: along the coast.


The spot is completely sandy and does not present significant hazards.


No obstacles. The seabed is sandy. The wave is linked to disturbances both from nw and from sw.


The best are the provence n-nw, mistral, libeccio and when it enters the coast also the north wind.

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