Surfboards for intermediates

Guide to the most famous models and tips for choosing your second surfboard

Choosing the right surfboard is never easy. It is not easy even when you are an experienced surfer because there are a thousand variables. There are the liters, the length, the width, the rocher, the number of fins and an infinity of other things to consider that risk confusing professional surfers, let alone those who have just started, who is only an intermediate surfer.

Intermediate .
You could write a book about what intermediate surfer means. An almost useless definition like the height of the waves ... which for some are always too small, and for someone always too big!
And so are the intermediate surfers. A definition where those who finally manage to catch a wave (not a foam) and stay more or less on the wall, following it, fit comfortably, until those who manage to make vertical starts and maybe bottom and re-entry, snap and cut back. Obviously, putting it like this is a bit too wide and includes practically 90% of surfers, while 8% are beginners and 1% of advanced and another 1% of aliens remain out!

Leaving aside the definition and all the nuances it can understand, I want to clarify right away that here we are addressing those surfers who are just little more than beginners, but in any case they are no longer absolute beginners. For beginners-intermediates who feel it's time to change their very first surfboard, their minimalibu for something different.

So we narrowed it down a bit from intermediate boards, which would be a huge category, to the second board to buy after the first surfboard, to progress a little and have fun.

But first some premises.

1. The second board does not necessarily have to replace your first surfboard. If you can your first funboard, malibu or minimalibu, keep it there a little longer ... it always comes in handy!

2. Don't rush to forge ahead and switch to a shorter board because if you don't already have the necessary level it could be not only frustrating but also counterproductive.

3. Always remember that as Rob Machado says "a few more liters never hurt" .... and if he says so!


What do you want to be

The first question to answer when you are looking for your beginner-intermediate surfboard, your second surfboard is "What do you want to do when you grow up". How do you see yourself in a few years? On a snappy tablet to shoot fast maneuvers and very tight turns? Or are you more of soft curves and table tip walks?

Sure it would be nice to be able to do everything, master every style and have a complete quiver made of shorty, longboard, fish and hybrid to choose according to the sea conditions ... but let's be realistic and let's start step by step!

If you're into longboarding, this article is obviously not for you.

If you feel like a tablet type, you will have to choose the second board by shortening the size a little in order to have something quite manageable under your feet, obviously without exaggerating.

The first thing to do of course is to choose the right model and the best choice is in 90% of cases a hybrid surfboard .

Here is another ambiguous definition, almost as ambiguous as that of an intermediate surfer. The fact is that the category of hybrid boards is really wide and includes models with very different characteristics from them. According to the definition, a hybrid board is a board that embodies the characteristics of different models and therefore in reality most surfboards are now hybrid ... but here we are not too purists and with a hybrid board we want to understand the most common definition is a board that combines some characteristics of a high performance shorty with characteristics of a fish. 


Hybrid Surfboard.

Hybrid surfboards are therefore a big family that includes practically most of the boards, the most used and best-selling models and often they are also referred to as funboards.

Hybride boards are surfboards designed to offer the best possible compromise between performance and fun and adapt to most situations and perfect as a single quiver board, that is a board to do everything. 

Hundreds of different models used every day by most surfers, which have some common characteristics:

Bottom with rocker flat enough to facilitate takeoff

A lot of volume especially under the chest but in general more thickness on the whole board

Wide profile with a nice width at the nose

Round shape with a slightly pulled bottom depending on the expected performance level

Rails in modern style and tighter at the tip and tail

And here are some of the best-selling and highly recommended models for any intermediate from little more than beginner to expert ... as long as you choose the right size for your level.


Al Merrick's Pod Mod has been one of the most popular boards in the world since 2000. Its line has revolutionized surfing by allowing you to ride a board that is shorter than a normal short and as easy to handle as a skateboard . Today's Pod Mod is an evolution of the original Pod, designed to ride even shorter and wider than the original. Perfect for the surfer who wants a little more volume under the chest to catch waves easily, but without sacrificing performance.

As for the size, the Pod Mod is a board that cannot be chosen too long. Suffice it to say that the 5'10 x 20 7/8 "x 2 5/8" has almost 36 liters and is therefore a sufficient size for beginner-intermediate surfers weighing up to 75kg or for heavier ones with a little bit of more experience. An experienced surfer who usually surfs with 27-28 liters should choose a 5'4 ''.

The Torq Pod Mod version is made of epoxy with X-Lite Technology and has 5 boxes to be used in both 3-fin and 5-fin versions. I recommend you start using it quad, you'll love it.

2. RNF Round Nose Fish Redux, Lib Tech

La Round Nose Fish (RNF) è uno dei modelli più conosciuti di Lost. Il modello originale risale ai primi anni '90 ed è una tavola che ha fatto la storia e cambiato le regole del gioco. Una piccola grande rivoluzione, oggi riproposta con qualche piccola rivisitazione. Una tavola facile, ma anche veloce e ad alte prestazioni. Una grande tavola che da il suo meglio nelle onde piccole e che è progettata per essere surfata più corta della normale shortboard. La RNF ha tanto volume proprio sotto al petto, un nose bello largo. Una tavola dalla remata facile super divertente e maneggevole.

As for the size, the RNF is also a board that cannot be chosen too long. The 5'10 x 20.5 '' x 2.56 '' has 35 liters and is therefore a suitable size for beginner-intermediate surfers weighing up to about 70kg or for heavier ones with a little more experience. An experienced surfer who usually surfs with 28/29 liters should choose the 5.6

The Lib Tech version of the RNF is made with the exclusive Lib tech technology, famous for its resistance and lightness.

3. Little Buddy, Soul Surfboard

The Little Buddy is the perfect board for smaller, less powerful waves and to provide lots of volume for surfers who need it. Whether you come from a longboard or any plank, this model will make you feel comfortable, providing you with stability and support . Flat nose rocker and a good tail rocker for tight turns help maintain speed when maneuvering.

Much of its secret lies in the combination of buttons and rails. It can be used as a thruster or quad.

The 5'10 x 2 5/8 x 2 5/8 size has 37.2 liters

4. LOOT, Haydenshapes

LOOT is the less famous sister of one of Haydenshapes' most iconic surfboards: the Hypto Krypto. Between the two, the Loot is even more suitable to be used as a cruiser and therefore choosing a model with a little more liters than necessary. A perfect model for most conditions that an intermediate surfer can find himself in, with lots of volume under the chest and in the nose and a tail that make it sufficiently manageable. 

The Loot is a board to choose from in a fairly short size, but without exaggerating. A 5'10 "X 20 1/4" X 2 5/8 "has 33.73L, while the 6'0" X 20 1/2 "X 2 3/4" liters has 36.81

5. Evo 2 Soul Surfboard

The EVO 2 is a board with a current shape which, thanks to its ease of handling, is achieving great success at all levels. In fact, boards of this kind can be easily classified both in the beginner sector and in the category of experts who want a stable and at the same time maneuverable board. A passpartout that is good as a first board, as a second board, as a board for small and light waves and in general for most of the conditions in which an intermediate surfer can find himself in our seas. 

Its wide nose offers great stability, its generous and very well distributed volume gives an easy paddle and the rounded tail offers excellent cornering behavior, making the transition from rail to rail very fast.

If you are looking to shorten the size of your board, a 6'6 '' x 20 1/2 x2 7/16 has 37.5 liters, but this is a board that works very well and remains manageable even in larger sizes.

6. Hypto krypto SOFT Haydenshapes

There are sponges for beginners and there are softboard ladies. The Hypto Krypto Soft is a very interesting board because it has a construction comparable to the Hypto Krypto but with an additional soft top coating. This makes it a super reassuring board, ideal for all those who are no longer beginners but are struggling to improve because often their biggest problem is insecurity. A soft underfoot immediately makes you feel calmer and this undoubtedly helps to improve and dare a little more.

As for the HyptoKripto shape, it is one of the most versatile and popular models.

The 5.8 x 20 1/2 x 2 5/8 has 34.18 L.

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