Are you looking for a nice gift for a surfing or kitesurfing friend? Or more simply, like me, you are always thinking about the next kite trip or surf trip and are you always looking for information on all the spots around the four continents? Here are two unmissable gadgets to hang at home, to give as gifts or give yourself. These are the world map posters of surf and kite surf spots, which should not be missing in the home of any surfer or kiter. The world map of the surf to tell the truth is far from being a novelty, but that of kitesurfing is a rather recent discovery.
In both cases these are two color world map posters of 96cm x 57cm. The posters are in bright colors and fully illustrated.

Surf world map 

The illustrated world map of the surf is a map of the globe with over 1000 surf spots. From the most famous spots of Bali, Hawaii, California, to the less known and popular spots. Of each spot, in addition to the location, is indicated wave quality, water temperature, best time and even shark attacks if known! Here is the link to buy the world  map of surf on amazon at € 31.50 including shipping

Kitesurf world map

The kitesurf world map reports over 500 kitesurf spots around the world. Also in this case, in addition to the most famous and well-known spots, there are small little-frequented spots to be explored. Each spot is indicated with various information including disciplines for which the spot is indicated (wave, freestyle ...), level of rider required, wind direction, water temperature and best time to visit the spot. Here is the link to buy the kitesurf map on amazon for € 31.50 including shipping

I would like to point out that other maps, all very well made, are also available in the same necklace on amazon.

Climbing Planisphere: illustrated map with over 300 climbing areas, with information on the types of climbing, number of lines, levels and heights. The map is covered with a special blackboard finish that makes it customizable allowing you to write on it and rewrite it! Really very beautiful ... the council. The Climbing map is on sale on amazon for € 26.50 shipping included

Finally, there is also the snowboard World Map, which unfortunately for the moment is only available in German, the planisphere of the diving points and finally the football map also for sale on amazon € 27 but available only in English.


Autore: Vale

Ho incontrato il kitesurf nel 2002 ed è subito stato amore. Qualche anno dopo mi sono avvicinata anche al surf. Quando sono in acqua sono felice e se sei su questo sito probabilmente sai già di cosa sto parlando. Ci vediamo in acqua.


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