Surfskate Yow Chiba 30

Features and review of the surfskate for those who love classic style

Surfskate: Yow Chiba 30


Lenght 30"
width: 10.5"
Wheelbase: 18"

Set Up:

Truck Meraki
Wheels YOW URA 66x51mm 76A RAW White

Yow Chiba 30 (76.2cm) is the surfskate with the shortest deck of all the yow decks in the Classic Series, a range that includes surfskates inspired by longboard running, with measures from 36 inches upwards, and one of the shortest of the whole Yow catalog. Already from this it is clear that it is a particular surf skate ... otherwise it should be between the boards of the same length!

The Chiba is a surfskate that is inspired by the design of the Mini Simmons, the surfboard that Bob Simmons invented in the 1950s, a type of very short surfboard capable of giving very special and super fun sensations.

The Concave is barely pronounced and there is no rocker in either the nose or the tail.

Surfskate Yow Chiba vs Yow Huntington vs Yow Aritz Aranburu

It is difficult to compare the Chiba to other Yow models, because as we have already said, its project is completely original. To give you an idea of its measurements, however, here it is compared with another model of the same length, the Yow Huntington



SURFSKATE YOW ARITZ ARANBURU 30.5 ″ x 9.75 ″ x 18 ″ WB

The Chiba is therefore the widest of all, but above all it has a wider width in the nose and tail. The wheelbase is the same as the Arraburu, and one inch longer than that of the Huntington (I remind you that 1 inch corresponds to 2.5cm). The concave is less pronounced than both.


Surfskate Yow Chiba features and driving

Although as we said the board is very short, its wide deck with almost parallel rails from tip to tail, just like a Mini Simmons, makes this surfskate feel like a much bigger board underfoot. So it feels very different from a tablet like Huntington's

The 18 "inch intermediate wheelbase offers good stability and a large turning radius for long, smooth turns.

The Chiba underfoot does not give a snappy board feeling but brings you back to a retro feeling ... like having a fish retro under your feet. The Chiba is a surfskate to ride with a tight pace and lots of style.

The concave bass and lack of tail rocker contribute to the retro feel.

In the beginning it blows you away. But once you get the hang of it, it's a really fun surfskate with which to train your style and technique, practicing rail to rail and any other surfing maneuver, especially flat. The Chiba is also a surfskate that holds speed well and is not tiring over long distances.

A surf skate with which to draw clean lines on the asphalt and have fun in style!

The Meraki S5 system contributes to the sensation of great fluidity that is perceived as soon as you step on this surfskate.

The wheels are the brand new URA 66x51mm 76A manufactured in the Spanish HLC factory. These wheels offer a very similar feeling to the old Cinetic and are great for use on the road and on less-than-perfect terrain because they give good grip and are soft enough to absorb any vibration. The wheels contribute a lot to the feeling of silent, smooth and pleasant gliding.

A skate that flows smoothly and pleasantly on most types of terrain.

Our advice

We recommend the Yow Chiba especially for all those surfers who love retro-inspired boards and are looking for a surfskate to improve their technique and position, so that they have a surfskate that can be run just like a retro fish.

If you want to buy the Yow Chiba take a look at our online surf skate shop and if it is temporarily unavailable contact us, we can order it and it will arrive in a few days.

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