The 10 best surfing softboards

For beginners and more

Surfboards softboard  or Softop surfboard surfboards that are, as the name implies, are softer of traditional surfboards. Their construction, albeit with some variations, includes a core in resinated polystyrene foam and in turn covered with polyethylene, soft on the top and high density to be more resistant on the bottom. In addition they generally mount not sharp fins.

Just this construction makes the softboard tables ideal for all beginners, both children and adults, but not only. For some years now, there has been a real trend that many even call the  softboard revolution and that consists of the ever increasing diffusion of soft boards not only among beginners of all ages but also among decidedly experienced surfers. Don't believe it? Then try searching on youtube and you will see that you will come across lots of Prosurfers videos that have fun with their soft boards, like Jamie O'Brien at Pipeline and beyond. 

But why should experienced surfers use soft-top surfboards?

The reason is simple: to have fun!

Surfing is born to have fun but often the conditions are not ideal or we focus more on performance and technique than on the pure pleasure of being at sea and relaxing. Softboards radically overturn this approach. The soft top surfboards allow everyone to bring the surf back to the size of the simple game and sometimes it takes! 
Many riders who are anything but beginners claim to have added a soft board to their quiver and use it to try new maneuvers, to surf shortbreaks that they wouldn't even come close to with their usual board, or simply to have fun and fuck on summer days in where the waves are ridiculous and there is not much to do, perhaps with their children.
In addition, thanks to their construction they float a lot and make it easier to take even the typical very small summer waves with little push. 

For this we have selected 10 of the models with the best value for money and the best features for beginners, for children, but also for intermediates or experts looking for a soft table to have fun with. In our ranking you will find the best models of soft surfboards, with a focus on price.

Here are our 10 favorite soft top surfboards, for children, beginners, intermediate and advanced.

The best softboard surfboards for kids and teens

If you have children, even very small ones, a softboard surfboard is an ideal companion to have fun together. With their weight and the right board they can have fun even with very small waves. The important thing is, as always, to choose a table of the right size so that it supports them, but it is also manageable enough to allow you to enjoy it: a 6 'or 7' is ideal for them.

1. Olan 100 surfboard in 6 'foam 

If you are looking for a surfboard for children, the decathlon Olan 100 is without a doubt one of the best choices. The Olan 100 is a soft top surfboard with an expanded polystyrene core with 1 wooden stringer. The coating is in hot-rolled polyethylene and the bottom is in high-density polyethylene to ensure good slip and moderate rigidity. The fins are not sharp and have a special silicone edge, so the table is perfect even for the little ones. It is also complete with leash.
But let's get to the measurements and the shape. The 6 foot measures 6 'x 21 "x 3" 1/8 (or 181cm x 54cm x 8cm for those who are not accustomed to surfboard measurements) and have a volume of 40 liters. Perfect for children and teenagers who come to surf because it has more than enough volume without being too bulky.
The table is designed for small beginner surfers up to 30kg, but can also be used by adults weighing less than 60kg and intermediate level. We have taken this table for our 4 year old and about 17 kg. He is excited about it and started having fun right away. We have also tried it on small waves, out of curiosity and I confess that this is an incredibly fun and manageable table. The only problem is that decathlon does not ensure its duration when used by adults over 75kg.

List price € 99.00 Buy it online on the decathlon website


2. Olan 500 surfboard in 7 'foam

The Olan 500 soft board is a decathlon surfboard designed for children, teens and generally all beginners who are not too heavy. Compared to the Olan 100 model, the 500 series is designed for more intensive use and therefore has a more solid construction: two reinforcing wood stinger, higher density foam, front reinforcement, so it is a perfect surfboard to withstand even the weight of an adult. 
We come to the measures. The 7 'is: 7' x 22 "5/8 x 3" 9/16 (ie, translated in 215 x 58 x 9 cm) for a volume of 60 liters.


List price € 169.00 buy it online on the decathlon website


3. Rock-it surf Chub 4'11''

Rock It softboards are excellent softboards with very solid construction and easy and super fun shapes. This model is a small twin fin ideal for children and youngsters in progression or who have a good aptitude for learning to surf and have fun. 
The measures are:  4'11 "x 20.5" x 2.5 "for a volume of 30.7 liters. Compared to larger models it will be a little more difficult to stand up the first few times but, on the other hand, a smaller table it will soon be more manageable and fun.This is a perfect model for all those grommers who are already able to takeoff and are eager to make fast progress.

List price from € 139.99


The best softboard surfboards for beginners

For all beginners who would like to try to get closer to surfing while having fun, a soft board is the best choice. With a long or minimal 8 or 9 inch foam, anyone can get close to surfing without risking taking the board or fins. Furthermore, the shapes of the beginner softboards are incredibly easy and can make progression much easier. After all, surfing is a difficult and tiring sport, especially for those who haven't had the chance to learn it from a very small size ... so why should you complicate your life unnecessarily when you can have fun with a soft board? Here are the most suitable models to take the first foams, up to the first small waves.

4. Torq - Surf Softboard 9'

Torq is one of the most used surfboard manufacturers in surf schools all over the world thanks to the excellent quality / price ratio of its boards. Easy and well-tested shapes, solid constructions, honest price. These are also the characteristics of a real best seller when we talk about soft boards for beginners. The Torq softboard has an epoxy construction, like the rigid sisters covered in PE Soft Deck and rigid Epoxy bottom. 
The measures: 9.0 x 23 1/8 x 3 1/2 for 79 liters make this table ideal for any beginner from 60 to 90 kg.

List price € 329.00


5. Soft top surfboard Olan 100 8'

Once again we have included a decathlon surfboard in our list. The reason is that on several occasions we have had the opportunity to use these tables and to see them used in water by beginners and we were really positively impressed, especially if we consider the price of these models which is decidedly favorable. But let's come to the Olan 100 8 feet. Like the little sister 6 'which we recommended for children, this softboard of the 100 series is designed for beginners who are approaching surfing, as well as for the more advanced riders who intend to use it for example on days that are too small for waves their tablet. 
The measurements are: 8 "x 22" x 3.3 "for a volume of 75 liters. 
Its abundant volume therefore makes it ideal for all beginners up to around 70kg. This does not mean that a beginner of 80kg cannot use it, except that with a larger volume it would have a better buoyancy on its first waves.


List price € 159.00 buy it online on the decathlon website

6. Soft surf Olan 7'

The Olan 7 'model is a board designed for surfers already able to position themselves on the lineup and take the waves, cutting the wall and staying on it. A model designed therefore for the progression from foams to the first walls and beyond. But the Olan 7 'is also one of the best choices among the decathlon surfboards for all those surfers looking for a board with which to have fun in the typical summer days of little powerful and small wave. In a nutshell if you already know how to surf, at least a little, and you are looking for a softboard to add to your quiver to have fun this summer this could be the right choice.
But it is also an excellent gift for your girlfriend, eager to learn to surf ... so you can rub it when you can't get into the water with your tablet!
The measurements are: 7 'x 22 "5/8 x 3" 5/8 for a volume of 60 liters

List price: € 209.99 buy it online on the decathlon website

High-performance softboards

Many experienced surfers pinch their noses by seeing the adjective "performance" to talk about soft boards, yet this is the trend that has become established in recent years. Tablets with truly radical shapes but with a soft top to ride the impossible!

7. Softech KYUSS KING FISH 4'8''

The Softech boards are made with extreme attention to detail and with the highest quality materials to ensure the top in terms of performance and solidity. An entire line of these tables is dedicated to performing shapes, signed by professional riders. The Kyuss King Fish is one of the most popular models in the performance series. A fish with a generous volume and a flat shape, to have fun even with small waves. This model of softboard designed in collaboration with Kyuss King, was created to be super fast and to take advantage of even the most flies of the wave. A board that promises to entertain in conditions in which otherwise you would never have entered the water. 
Measurements: 4'8 "x 21" x 2 1/8 "for a volume of 29 Liters 
This measurement is suitable for experienced riders of about 60-70kg.

List price: € 269.95 buy it online on Bluetomato


Jamie O'brien can be considered one of the architects of the softboard revolution and as such could not miss one of his softboards. This Catch Surf is a Quad with a very generous volume that is ideal when it comes to tackling the toughest shore-breaks or trying out new aerial maneuvers.
This softboard has a flotation bag that makes paddling easy. The fish shape ensures speed along each section of the wave and allows you to design beautiful stylish curves, while the performance fins improve maneuverability even in more vertical waves and tubes.
If you don't want to pass for a beginner and want to make yourself stand out on the lineup, even with a softop board, this is the toy for you.

List price: € 389.95 buy it online on Bluetomato

9. Olan 5'4 twin fin softboard 

If you are looking for a tablet to try to surf the shore breaks more killers but you don't feel like spending money on a soft board because you are not convinced of the performance, you can try this toy that is found in the decathlon and we are sure you will not regret it . The Olan 5'4 is a lively and manageable 2 fin, designed for experienced surfers who want to go a little further but also fear the consequences of a bad wipe out. Seeing is believing. 
Measure: 5'4 "x 22" 1/2 x 3 "1/4 for a volume of 44 liters

List price € 169.99 buy it online from Decathlon

10. Softech Mason TWIN SIZE 5'2

We conclude our roundup of surfboard soft tops with a Must Have model, a 5.2mm Twin designed for maximum performance, speed and fun in a soft tablet.
The 5'2 "x 19 2/3" x 2 5/8 "with its 31 liters fits most of the intermediate or expert riders looking for a tablet to have fun when the conditions are anything but fun, or simply to surf in commercials where they would never come out with their fiber board for fear of breaking it.

List price: € 269.95 buy it online on


Pros and cons of Softop boards vs surfboards

If you are wondering if reading these soft top tables reviews if they are not even better than a traditional fiber board, the answer is obviously only one and it's simply no, or at least not for everyone and not in all conditions. 

- The softop surfboards are an excellent way to have fun in not exceptional conditions, in summer waves, or to go a little further trying new maneuvers without fear of taking the board in the head. 

- Soft boards are also an obligatory choice when it comes to children and are also highly recommended for adult beginners, also because unlike the sponges of a few years ago they are now decidedly more manageable.

However there are some valid reasons why we won't see them replace our fiber surfboards on the line ups and are:

- soft top boards are heavier than fiber boards. Although their construction is much improved, they remain even more heavy. In addition they tend to absorb water and become even heavier

- soft boards do not have the performance of a fiber board. In particular, the soft rails make the board more difficult to control at speed.

- The softboards certainly have increasingly attractive shapes, but we certainly can't compare them to certain surfboards: true works of art shaped by hand ...

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