The Stagnone, Sicily

Kitesurf spot in the Stagnone di Marsala nature reserve

Lo Stagnone is the kite surf spot par excellence in Sicily: less than an hour from Palermo and halfway between Marsala and Trapani.

The Oriented Nature Reserve of the Stagnone or more simply "Lo Stagnone", with its extension of over 2000 hectares is one of the Paradises of kitesurfing. The lagoon is characterized by very low and flat water and is open to the sea in only 2 points: the northern mouth towards San Teodoro and the southern mouth towards C / da Spagnola closer to the city of Marsala. Inside are the characteristic salt pans and the famous windmills. The shallow water and completely free of waves make the stagnone the ideal destination for both beginners and experienced kiters who come here to train in freestyle . It is no coincidence that many of the strongest Italian and foreign riders come here to train.

When to go to the stagnone for kitesurfing

At the stagnone the best time for kitesurfing goes from early spring to late autumn , however even in late winter it often offers excellent perturbations. Some statistics even speak of 300 days of wind a year. 
Generally the stagnone exits with two opposite winds: from the North and from the South. The winds from the North quadrant are the most constant and stable, while the Scirocco is more gusty. The prevailing wind is the mistral , which blows on average around 16-20 knots from spring to autumn. The siroccoit is less frequent but still not too rare and its intensity can reach over 30 knots. In summer the shallow waters of the lagoon heat up in the sun so that the strong temperature difference with the open sea helps to generate thermal winds.


Kitesurfing schools at the stagnone 

Obviously there are also kitesurfing schools at the stagnone. In addition to kitesurfing courses, they generally offer various accessory services that are very useful, such as equipment rental, the possibility of shipping equipment for those traveling by air and who do not want to embark it, Kite Camps and much more. 

How to get

Lo Stagnone is very close to Trapani Birgi airport which is well connected to other Italian airports, even by low cost airlines like Ryanair. Alternatively, you can fly to Palermo airport. The advice is to take a look at the best options on google flights, skyscanner or similar.
If you don't want to give up the convenience of bringing your car and all your equipment with you, there are many ferries that connect the peninsula to Sicily with departures from Naples, Rome and even from Livorno. 


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