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Tabularasateam is a site for kite-surfing, surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding and all table sports, since 2002. A site created to share outings, vacations, ask for advice and exchange opinions. The Surf Shop Tabularasateam is born from this same philosophy: a unique online store where you can find all the surfboards, kitesurf, skate, sup and everything you need to have fun in the water and everywhere. The Tabularasateam online store is a surf shop where you can buy all our favorite equipment, the products we use and try and so we can advise you, with more assistance, advice and the guarantee of those who take seriously the passion for these sports from 20 years.

On Tabularasateam Kite and Surf Shop you can buy online equipment for Kitesurf, Surf, Sup, Hydrofoil, Surfskate and accessories of the best brands: Cabrihha, FOne, Slingshot, Naish Kiteboarding, Surfboard Twins, Moses Hydrofoil, Ride Engine, Al Merrick, Jimmy Lewiis and many other top brands in the sector. 

Our commitment is to offer you the best materials for surfing, kitesurfing, stand up paddle and surfskate at the right price, with guarantee, reliability and zero problems.

This is why we specialize in complete kitesurf packages . Buying all the equipment together: sails, boards and accessories, savings and you have everything you need to go immediately in the water without problems or complications. 
Our complete kitesurf packs give you all the equipment you need to kitesurf at the best price. 
Kitesurf packs can be new, new from past seasons, test or used products. The beauty is that even the products used are guaranteed for 6 months, so you save money but you don't have to worry about anything. 

The equipment used is in fact a great resource, especially for beginners. But we all know what risks there may be to buying a used one from strangers. By purchasing used products on the tabularasashop you have a double advantage: low prices and a 6 month warranty.

Of course we do not sell only complete packages. On the Kitesurf Shop Tabularasateam you can buy online new, second-hand and guaranteed guaranteed kitesurfing equipment: kites and kitesurf boards, hydrofoil, trapezoids and kitesurfing accessories. We also specialize in selling demo and test products that are used only to show them on the beach or for a couple of exits. In this way you take home a kitesurf sail or a kiteboard like new with discounts on average of 30% but often also with higher discounts. Visit our offers section to find all discounted products, including kites and new boards from the past years on offer.

Equipment Testing and Rental Center.

We know that choosing a new board or a new kitesurf can be more difficult and stressful than it seems. On paper, all new products are fantastic and always promise to be the best. But then they don't always really meet our expectations. The problem is usually the feeling: it is not said that if I like a sail, you will like it too. So the only way to be sure is to try before you buy. Unfortunately, it is not always easy. We offer this possibility. Come to the beach with us and we offer you the chance to try the product you want to buy, or a similar one ... nice no?

Have you no way of getting out where we are? Rent it for a day or for a few days. We send you the product you want at home, paying for the rental. If it's love, then you keep it, otherwise friends like before: pack it and send it back!

Contact us to find out which products are available for hire or for testing on the beach. 

On tabularasateam Shop you can also buy surfboards of the best brands, high-performance surfboards or for beginners and of course softboard tables for children, soft boards for beginners and soft performance boards to have fun in all conditions even if you are already an experienced surfer.

Doubts about what to choose? 
Write to us and let us advise you. 
We are riders, like you!    

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