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kitesurf spot

In Mexico the beaches around Tulum are undoubtedly among the best spots for kitesurfing.

The kite spots are on the beaches of Playa Paraiso and La Zebra, the first about 1 km south from the famous Mayan ruins with medium-calm sea conditions and without waves and the other about 8 km south from the first, with beautiful waves !!

In Playa Paraiso  you have the opportunity to sail in front of the Mayan ruins and also to take kitesurf courses given the presence of local schools (including that of the Italian Marco)! For the more experienced from Playa Paradiso, with wind conditions NE or E, the famous downwinds leave until La Zebra Beach Club.
The wind in these parts is very Mexican .... you have to wait! But when he enters then he blows from 12 to 20 knots with days on 25. The best period is from January to July, and is always suitable for lessons.

For the stay there are different types of accommodation in hotels, residences or splendid cabanas directly on the beach, all with hot water, electricity and internet.

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