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surfskates with a smile

Some time ago we were contacted by a surfskate brand that immediately caught our attention: smileskate. Smileskate is a surfskate producer from Cyprus and I must confess that it was especially the graphics that attracted us, that smile that we all incredibly need in this period. 

So we met the guys behind smileskate and we got to have one here, only that unfortunately it came along with the restrictions, so we have not yet managed to try this surfskate, if not in the small paved strip that we have inside the garden home.

We have however decided to introduce them to you, while waiting to try them properly as soon as possible!

The surfskate we have is CARVY 25.

It is a surfskate 31 inches long and 10.20 inches wide (78 × 25 cm) for a total weight of 3.3 kg

The truck closely resembles that of a slide (2nd generation), with a well-tested operation which has now proved to be very functional.
It has a height of 65mm and is mounted on 2 plates of about 1 cm to prevent the wheels from touching the table.
The rebound is entrusted to the internal spring. The geometry of the truck allows a good radius of curvature. 
The impression is that the spring is calibrated for not so heavy riders, however the rigidity is adjustable.

The deck has 7 layers and a slight concave, with a fish tail and a nice wide nose that offers good support for the feet. 

For what little we have been able to try for now, this surfskate lends itself well to cruising, and is very comfortable. It is a very stable surfskate, easy to use even for beginners, reassuring and with good smoothness and speed. Perfect for those looking for a surfskate to get closer to the feeling of surf on asphalt, to learn pumping and have fun.
A skate that perhaps does not have the pretensions of more performing products but also at a lower cost.

The graphics are really very nice ... a breath of optimism in these days that are anything but easy and the price is definitely inviting. 
With a price of 119 € to the public Smileskate looks like a very inviting low cost surfskate, ideal for those approaching this discipline.

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