Where to kitesurf in the spring

5 last second destinations for Easter

This year, even the walls have been noticed, Easter and Spring holiday added together make a lot of useful days that can also be exploited for a little more than the classic trip out on Easter Monday.

If you have moved in time you have probably already managed to book your kitetrip in some distant sea ... but if you have not done it yet, the options available are no longer many ... After all you will not think you are the only ones to have want a little getaway in some paradise made of sea, sun and of course wind ?!

A few days before departure, the most distant destinations are likely to cost much more than usual, but there is no reason to despair because there are destinations that are really close at hand and that do not have much to envy of expensive exotic destinations. Any examples? Here is my list of as many as 5 destinations for everyone, both because they are not too far away and because they are fairly affordable even if you are reduced at the last minute.


In Sicily the spot of the stagnone is almost a certainty at this time of the year. A spot that certainly needs no introduction and perfect for all beginners and freestyle lovers. Wave lovers can have fun in the nearby Puzziteddu spot. Easily reachable by plane from the airport of Trapani or Palermo, but also by boat, a very convenient option. The temperatures are already very pleasant, we eat very well, the lodgings can be found.



For Sardinia the considerations made for Sicily are more or less the same, with the plus that the recommended spots for kitesurfing are really many, from the north to the south of the island. To get there you can choose some planes or getaways both cases there are still some options at a good price. In the north of Sardinia, between Palau and Santa Teresa, we find Porto Pollo probably one of the most windy spots in Italy and perhaps in the entire Mediterranean. Here the wind is channeled into the mouths of bonifacio and often blows at 30 knots. In addition, if you love the waves, you will have fun in nearby spots like Marina delle Rose, not to mention the epic spots on the west coast like Capo Mannu.


Moving south we find deserving spots such as Porto Botte (Giba) and Punta Trettu (San Giovanni Suergiu), near Sant'Antioco, ideal for kitesurfing especially with the Mistral winds that goes very well and can blow very hard. 




Still a great classic: Tarifa. The Valdevaqueros is a good option in the spring, before it is stormed by hundreds and hundreds of kiters. In spring in Tarifa you will still find a lot of wind, pleasant temperatures, but much less crowding which will make your holiday very pleasant. If you can't find a cheap car rental in Seville, there are other options like Madrid or Malaga and if they weren't feasible why not go by car? We did it. The journey is long, there is no rain on this, but I assure you that it deserves and you can plan to make stops in epic commercials like Beauduc or Leucate in France.





If you love waves and maybe even surfers, as well as kiters, Portugal is definitely your destination. To Kitesurf the best option is to fly over Lisbon and base yourself in the vicinity of Praia do Guincho, the famous wave spot, which is distinguished by excellent wind statistics. Also nearby there are excellent surf spots. If the Guincho ocean waves are not for you, you can move a little further south to the Costa Caparica or Fonte de Telha area, where the wind nevertheless enters very well but the waves are generally less impressive.
But remember to bring a 4/3 suit because the water here is always fresh ...




Essaouira, on the coasts of Morocco, is a country with a unique charm. A Kitetrip in Essaouira always has a slightly exotic flavor, although it is definitely close and within reach of any budget. Essaouira is easily reachable in few hours by car from Marrakesh airport, to decidedly low cost destination, well served by Ryan Air but not only. It is not an ideal destination for beginners, indeed it is a great destination for beginners, indeed a huge beach for several meters.




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The Stagnone, Sicily

Kitesurf spot in the Stagnone di Marsala nature reserve

Lo Stagnone is the kite surf spot par excellence in Sicily: less than an hour from Palermo and halfway between Marsala and Trapani. The Oriented Nature Reserve of the Stagnone or more simply "Lo Stagnone", with its extension of over 2000 hectares is one of the Paradises of kitesurfing. The lagoon is