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10 destinations for your kitetrips

Summer is not over yet, have you just returned from the summer kitetrip and do you think it is too early to think about the next trip? Nothing could be more wrong. Know that this is the perfect time to plan a getaway from the cold winter, indeed for some exotic destination you may already be late to grab the best prices on flights! Undecided about where to go?

Here is a list of 10 perfect destinations for a kitetrip between December and February. These are all destinations where you can find, in addition to the wind, temperatures that are sufficiently warm to let you leave your winter suit at home and get some sun on the beach. We ordered them, albeit approximately, according to the necessary budget. I say roughly because for many of these destinations the airline ticket is the one that makes the difference, so finding a good offer for the flight can make the cost of the holiday vary a lot. The other item that has a significant impact is the accommodation: obviously if you settle for a vacation home you can save a lot compared to booking an all-inclusive resort in a travel agency.HomeAway another site where you can book your vacation home directly from the owners . On the two portals there are often different accommodations and often different prices for the same house, so it is easier to find what you are looking for.

1. Canary Islands

Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Tenerife, Gran Canaria: the Canary Islands are all an excellent destination for a winter kitetrip offering spring temperatures and good wind probability at a price that can be very low if you find the right offer. Personally in December and January among the various islands I recommend Fuerteventura,a little for the wind statistics and a little for the ease of finding excellent offers even at the last minute. To reach the island, in fact, there are excellent fares flying with both ryanair and other low cost flights, often even for less than € 100 for a return flight. In Fuerteventura, I recommend finding accommodation in Corralejo or surroundings, where you will be spoiled for choice between hotels, residences and vacation homes. Fuerteventura is also an excellent destination for the whole family and in particular if you are traveling with small children (ours was 3 months the first time there was).  
As for kitesurfing in December and January the wind is not a certainty every day as in summer, but the statistics are still very good and in case of lack of wind this is the best time for surfing. If you are a beginner, pay attention to the waves that in this period can also be very impressive and to the reef which at low tide is quite insidious ... while if you are an expert and fan of waveriding then the fun is assured and I believe that the quality-price ratio a kitetrip to the canaries is really hard to beat. 
Read more  info here to organize your kite trip in fuerteventura

2. Cape Verde

Winter is the best time to visit the islands of Cape Verde. From December to March the trade winds blow almost continuously giving really good conditions for kiters of all levels, but above all for lovers of waveriding. The Cape Verde archipelago includes 10 islands including Sal and Boavistaare certainly the most frequented by those who kitesurf and not only. The island of Sal unfortunately is definitely used for tourism and if you are thinking of an escape to an exotic destination far from everything, this is not the right place. If, however, you are looking for a destination in the heat that is close enough and not too expensive, with wind and waves that are almost assured, then the island of Sal can be for you. For Sal it is easy to find really convenient last minute offers of all-inclusive flight + hotel packages. Are you looking for a destination a little less inflated? Boavista can be a very valid alternative. 

3. Morocco: Dakhla 

The large lagoon of Dakhla in southern Morocco is one of the kitesurfing destinations that has experienced the greatest expansion in recent years. From the small fishing village that was today Dakhla is one of the world's kitesurfing centers, with increasingly welcoming resorts. Thanks to its large lagoon this is an ideal destination for both beginners and those who want to progress and have fun, but for the more experienced kiters and waveriding lovers there are also the beautiful ocean waves, in front of the lagoon. Although the top period for the wind is summer, even the winter months have excellent wind statistics, thanks above all to the conformation of the spot which is also characterized by remarkable thermals.
As for the flight, a change in Casablanca is normally required, but if you book in advance you will find really good rates. There are now accommodations for all tastes on the spot. 

4. Antilles, Caribbean

What's better than the warm Caribbean sea to escape the cold winter? There is plenty of choice among the many Caribbean islands ideal for a winter kitetrip. Among these, Barbados is undoubtedly one of the most popular among kiters, especially wave lovers. Among the pros of Barbados there are ideal conditions for kitesurfing from December to March with excellent wind and spot statistics for all tastes and levels. Among the mainly the prices, although it is possible to find excellent offers moving in time. Guadalupe and Martiniqueare two other great destinations for a kitetrip in winter. For both islands it is easy to find good flights with Air France, with a stopover in Paris and on both there are plenty of spots for both flat water lovers and those looking for waves. A small plus is that for both islands a passport is not required, as they are French territories. Find more  info to organize your kitesurf trip to Guadalupe here .
Another noteworthy and very popular Caribbean destination is the Dominican Republic . Here the main kitesurf spots are concentrated in the north, near Cabarete where, in addition to wind and waves, you can also find the typical nightlife of the Caribbean. Compared to the other forses islands it is a less expensive destination.

5. Sri Lanka

SriLanka is one of the destinations that is experiencing the greatest expansion in terms of kitesurfing and surfing. Here an enchanting tropical landscape, with elephants and dolphins, frames spots with really good conditions and for all tastes: from flat water lagoons to waves for wave riding lovers. By booking in advance you can find really cheap airline tickets and you arrive in Colombo in about 10 hours of flight. In Sri Lanka kitesurfing is done in different spots, but the main ones are two: the lagoons around Kalpitya which are also the recommended choice for conditions in this period as well as more convenient because of the shorter transfer from the airport, or the area of Arugam bay very famous also for the wave surfing. In winter you will find the NE monsoon blowing from December to the end of April, 

6. Zanzibar

Zanzibar, also known as the spice island, is an ideal postcard destination for a warm escape with the whole family in the heart of our winter. 10 hours flight time and you will find yourself immersed in turquoise waters and crystalline lagoons, white beaches, tropical vegetation and enough to explore on days without wind. The main spot for kitesurfing in Zanzibar is Jambiani - Paje: a giant turquoise lagoon surrounded by coral reefs. In Zanzibar there are two seasons for kitesurfing. In winter, from December to February the wind blows from the north with intensity from 15 to 20 knots ... a paradise for kitefoiling, as well as for beginners and freestylers. In Zanzibar there are also many other spots and almost all of them are characterized by lagoons sheltered by the reef which is about one km on average (with a notable difference between high and low tide). The cheapest offers in general are all-inclusive packages from agencies.

7. Paracuru

The north east of Brazil is an exceptional region for kitesurfing. North of Fortaleza, the Cearà region is a paradise that every kiters should visit at least once. Forget Cumbuco (a devastating chop too close to Fortaleza and its chaos) and book directly to  Paracuru , you won't regret it. This is a small village developed around surfing and kitesurfing, quiet and safe, light years away from the crime of the big Brazilian cities. Here the main spot is the immense Quebramar beach  where the wind blows side-on from August to January, reaching its peak generally between September and November. However, even December and January still offer excellent conditions for kitesurfing with wind almost every day, plus some nice waves for waveriding lovers. To get there you need to fly to Fortaleza and then book a transfer from the airport to your pousada. If you book well in advance you will find flights at more than affordable prices and life on the spot is quite accessible.
Read more about Paracuru here

8. Borocay Philippines

If you are thinking of a destination to the east for your kitetrip, Borocay , a small island paradise in the Philippines may be for you. Compared to other destinations in South East Asia, Borocay is one of the safest places for wind and is a great playground for all levels. Hot water and the landscape of turquoise waters, white sand and palm trees are the main reasons for a kitetrip in Borocay, along with the rather low cost of living. On the negative side there is the journey which is quite expensive as well as long. You fly to Manille or Cebu, then a small domestic flight to Caticlan or Kalibo and finally a ferry to Borocay. Once there, however, the picture-postcard landscape is assured and the best months are those that go from November to March.
A slightly closer and cheaper alternative? Why not try SriLanka, one of the boom destinations of the last few years for kitetrips.

9. Costa Rica

A strip of lush land in Central America bathed both in the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean, a country that has always focused on protecting nature and where it is possible to bathe in dolphins, sea turtles and whales. The Costa Rica has always been known as a destination top for surfing, but for some years has been discovered as an ideal destination for kitesurfing with its endless beaches and winds thesis and steady from November to May with the windiest period which runs from December to March. The most popular kitesurfing spots are on the Pacific coast, in the north of the country, in the province of Guanacaste, the sunniest and driest part of Costa Rica: Bahia Salinas, Playa Copal, and Bolaños Bay. To get there, it is possible to fly to the capital San José, which is however more distant, or to Liberia, which is closer to kitesurfing spots but generally has 2 stopovers instead of one.  

10. South Africa

I wanted to leave South Africa last, not so much because it is the most expensive destination among those listed here (although it is certainly not very cheap), but rather to end in beauty. Cape Town , South Africa is the mecca of kitesurfing, a place where athletes and anyone who loves this sport returns year after year to the stratospheric conditions but also to the beauty of the places. The surroundings of Cape Town are almost a certainty in winter for those in search of the wind, and if you love the waves then this is the place for you. In winter the climate is warm enough to be able to sunbathe in costume, while the water is rather cold and a wetsuit is needed. From November to March the most windy spots are those of the south and west coasts asLangebaan, Kite Beach and Sunrise Beach , which incidentally are also the least frequented spots for sharks!


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