Map of the spots

This is a brief list of the main Tuscan kitesurfing spots. Please note immediately that the list is not exhaustive and above all is subject to variations based on the seasons. We have therefore indicated spots where you cannot go out during the bathing season and we have excluded some that are mainly reserved for windsurfing (like the 3 bridges in Livorno).

But let's get to the map. Starting from north to south we find:


Principe di Piemonte: exit in front of the Principe di Piemonte hotel (at the end of the Viareggio promenade, towards Lido di Camaiore). The spot works well with libeccio, particularly when it's too strong in Calambrone. Winter spot: you can't go out during the bathing season. When the sea is rough the waves can also be VERY challenging.

Darsena: you go out to the free beach mainly with libeccio. You can go out even during the bathing season ... at least until the beach gets too full of bathers (and in any case with due care).

Marina di Vecchiano 
Very beautiful and wide beach. In winter it goes out everywhere, during the bathing season to hold itself on the mouth of the serchio and to pay however attention to the ordinances etc. The libeccio in winter in general is some knot less than in Calambrone. In strong winds the sea is generally very messy: even big waves, chops, currents ... beware !. 


A calambrone you go out in various spots including the Circolo Windsurf di Calambrone (access allowed only to members, with annual payment card), Oasi del Mare (beach of the homonymous bathroom, access allowed to members) and other access to free beaches that vary also based on the bathing season. To find out more, you can read this article about the spots between tirrenia and calambrone .

Calambrone is a spot with a very high percentage of wind and that works with all the winds of the western quadrant. The winds that come in better here are west and south-west. Scirocco and south-east often enter, especially if they are strong enough. The mistral wind is also good (but usually it is preferred to take it in Vada). With libeccio, even challenging waves are formed, which increase as you move towards tirrenia.

Go - White Beaches

The main spot at the white beaches is at the Circolo Nautico Lillatro (north of the bay). You can also go out at the mouth of the river (more or less in the middle of the beaches) and in the southernmost part by directly accessing the road, which however is only open in winter. The white beaches work with all the winds of the western quadrant but in particular with Maestrale (subject to heat reinforcement during the hot season), Ponente and Libeccio. Possibility of finding even beautiful waves especially on mistral days following libeccio or ponente). Possibility of exit also with winds from the south, but if of strong intensity.

Punto Azzurro and Mazzanta: these spots work with south / south-west winds. Flat water


In Donoratico you come out with a wind from the south (not south-east). There are several spots to choose from depending on the season. The fort of Goldrake (just look at it to understand why the name) is very convenient because you can park practically on the beach but you can't get out of it when the bathrooms open. The Shangri-la bathroom a little further north. The Dogs Beach is even further north (there is a bit of walking). The Club Med (a little further south) which can be reached from a small road in the pine forest and the beach is also very pretty. Very low probability of wave. Very beautiful even with mistral, when it enters.


In Perelli one comes out with winds from the south-east (which elsewhere are of earth). There are several spots including Carbonifera (closed during the bathing season) but the busiest is Perelli1. Here you can also find beautiful waves.

Puntino di Scarlino: Spot used mainly for schooling. He works mainly with mistral.

Castiglione della Pescaia

The "summer" spot par excellence. Here the thermal strengthens the north-west wind even by several knots so the typical summer conditions are mistral on 20 knots (and more) and flat water or with a little chop. It also works well with winds from the south (if strong enough). In Castiglione della Pescaia the spots are different and are generally indicated with reference to the km of the highway that connects Castiglione della Pescaia to Grosseto.

26 km from SurfRelax famous kite shop and school

Km 28 (there is no exit channel and you risk fines both for parking and access to the beach and for the exit, however it is frequented)

Km 31 "Kite's Angels Beach": authorized exit channel. On the beach there is a kiosk with cold drinks, sunbeds and also kitesurf and equipment rental courses. On summer evenings, mythical barbecues on the beach. 

Fiumara: authorized exit channel (paid exit).

Bay of Talamone: works well with all winds from the mistral to the south-east. Famous spot for shallow and flat water. Beach equipped with kitesurf school.

As I said at the beginning these are not all the kite spots of Tuscany ... but only the most popular and accessible to all.

Good wind and if you have suggestions posted as well!


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