from 2002 we're just riders

The Tabularasa was born in 2002 from a group of friends with a common passion for table sports. The Tabularasa was born as a meeting place, as a way to feel closer to one's passion even away from the water.

Today after various vicissitudes, weddings, children, work, behind the site we were left in two: Sergio and Io. Both surf and kitesurf enthusiasts, but not athletes or professionals: simply riders.

The Tabularasa maintains today the same spirit as when it was born. Share our enthusiasm with other riders. Over the years the site has undergone some changes, adapting from time to time to respond to the needs of those who follow us and of course to ours. For example, we have added more and more surf-related content, as well as kitesurfing and many content related to spots and trips: surf trips and kitesurf trips. 

The Weather page with the control units and web cams of our home spots is undoubtedly the most useful and the most followed.

The market is a free service available to all those who want to sell or buy sails, boards or surf and kitesurf accessories.

Some published articles may contain product advertisements for advertising purposes. Furthermore, the site is registered with some affiliate programs, such as Amazon. As an Amazon Affiliate, we receive a profit for each eligible purchase. We would like to point out that the recommended products are products that we believe are actually valid, that we bought for us, tried and that we would recommend to a friend.
Advertising supports us in our work: we select the ads that we consider most interesting for those who read us, trying not to make it too invasive.  

Good reading, and I'll see you at sea.


Autore: Vale

Ho incontrato il kitesurf nel 2002 ed è subito stato amore. Qualche anno dopo mi sono avvicinata anche al surf. Quando sono in acqua sono felice e se sei su questo sito probabilmente sai già di cosa sto parlando. Ci vediamo in acqua.