Best 5 surfboards for beginners

also for sale on amazon

Have you finally decided that you want to learn to surf? Great! Now it's time to buy your first surfboard.
But before you throw yourself headlong into finding a board, I suggest you take a look at this article, so you can get a better idea of  which surfboard you need to buy to learn

To buy your first surfboard, my advice is to go to a good surf shop that can advise you on the model best suited to your needs, but if you prefer to buy online here is a small list of 5 surfboards suitable for a beginner you can buy directly on amazon. 

Softboard surfboards

CBC Surfboard Softboard Slasher

The Slasher is a soft board so ideal for those who are in the very first experience with surfing and don't want to risk getting hurt by trying the first starts. CBC is a good brand of softboards surfboards, also widely used in surf schools. Slasher is a table with a good value for money. Available in various sizes to choose according to your weight, height, training level.
CBC Slasher 6 ' suitable for children and teens price € 198.00 including leash and shipping
CBC Slasher 7' suitable for adults not too heavy
CBC Slasher 8 ' suitable for heavy adults or not too fit

Surfboards for inexpensive beginners

BIC Surfboard  Mini Malibu 7'3 ''

If price is your main concern, a Bic surfboard may be the solution. Durable, durable, easy. 
The Bic Mini-Malibu is an entry-level board for beginners, stable, easy to row and with sufficient performance so you don't have to leave it too soon. Versatile and fun, the Bic Mini-Malibu is a low-cost surfboard and it is no coincidence that it is one of the most sold surfboards in the world !. Bic Mini Malibu 7'3 '' on amazon at € 285


TORQ Funboard 7'6''

For those looking for something more powerful and with a slightly higher budget, we recommend the Torq tables. Highly used in surf schools around the world, these boards are excellent value for money, offering quality shape and excellent construction in fiber and epoxy resin, made to last. A board that even when you're better at it will save you on those days of small waves where you can't use your tablet. The Torq Fun measures 7'6 '' x 21 1/2 "x 2 7/8" and has a volume of 52.4 liters. 
The Torq Funboard is on sale on amazon for € 429

Top quality beginner surfboards

KT Fringe

Are you firmly determined to learn surfing and want to do it with the best equipment? KT surfboards are a great solution. KT surfboards are boards shaped by  Keith Teboul, famous shaper of Goya and Quatro. Construction with EPS cores and lamination with epoxy resin to offer resistance and lightness at the same time. The Fringe KT is much more than a board for the first waves. It is a surfboard that can stay in your quiver to allow you to have fun in really small sea conditions, even when you are much more experienced ... and we can definitely recommend it because we have tried it and used it in many conditions. Available in various sizes, we recommend the 7 'if you are very light, otherwise choose the 8'.
Kt Fringe 7 'x 22 1/2 x 2 3/4 Volume 45 liters on sale on amazon at 695 €
Kt Fringe 8' x 23 1/2 x 2 7/8 Volume 59 liters on sale on amazon at 745 €


FIREWIRE addvance LFT Surf Board Bamboo

Top construction with the most advanced technologies available. Firewire is synonymous with innovation and performance. The special LFT construction with Bamboo ensures incredible lightness and resistance combined with exceptional performance. Extra buoyancy and rowing speed to help with the start. The Addvance has a modern outline: extra width and volume for greater stability even with a slightly shorter table. Also in this case it is really simplistic to define the addvance a board for beginners because its features will accompany you a lot beyond the first waves. In addition possibility of configuration with 4 or 3 fins (we recommend 3 fins to start).
Firewire Addvance 6'10 '' x 22 5/8 x 3 1/16 Volume 56.9 liters for sale on amazon at 770 €
Firewire Addvance 7'2 '' x 23 x 3 1/8 Volume 61.9 liters on sale on amazon at 775 €

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